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Most people prefer to use iPhone over the Android and the reason behind this is the supreme quality and brand value of Apple mobiles. But should we use the older model of iPhones in 2022? When they have launched the latest models for you. The most popular reused model is the iPhone 6S. 

Why Purchase Apple iPhone 6S in 2022?

In 2007, Apple Company launched its first mobile. They improved by years the operating system, style, size, and other features for every model they released. The first ever launched mobile by Apple was the iPhone 4s. Within time this phone became a craze for people.

Over time they improved their technology and with this improvement, they launched iPhone 6 series. In 2015, they introduced the iPhone 6S in the market and from that time then it has been popular throughout the years. This reading will make you understand the details of this model in the refurbished mobile market.

The Popularity of iPhone 6S vs iPhone 6

People were keen to purchase the iPhone 6S rather than iPhone 6 because of its fast and high-powered processor. Still, in 2022, you will find that there is a great market for refurbished mobileAlthough you won’t get a quad or triple-lens camera, a wide displaying screen, or a wireless charger the features of this smartphone are preferred over the latest technology mobiles.

The smartphones which they are making in recent years have the almost same style and weight. That set is considered as a base model phone for the latest mobile versions. People claimed that the previous mobiles before this particular set were made from very thin material which caused the phone to bend. Apple Company then improved the manufacturing material mobile they used for the mobiles to make these hard and rigid. Also, they used high-quality glass for the screen to increase its withstanding power.

The features allowed this particular set to maintain its legacy in the market and these have enabled people to re-sell the phone in the second-hand marketplace.

Compatible Features of This Handset

These are the compatibles features of the Apple iPhone 6S which can run with new models of Apple. This phone regularly updates its apps. You can use many apps side by side and your phone won’t heat up.


The company has upgraded its software to version 14 which is even used for the latest model of iPhone 12. It allows the device to work very smoothly with multiple apps running simultaneously. They have used this software version in every next model of this smartphone. Of course, you will see they haven’t added all features of the latest models in this set. For example, this set does not have a face ID, etc.

Although the Face ID makes it less convenient for the users to unlock their phone with covered hands. You will notice that camera quality is much more stable and with improved lighting for night mode.


Nowadays, you will find many sets of iPhone 6S for sale. It is because Apple Company has designed the phone with a slim body. When you can carry this handset in your hand you won’t feel it heavy. Unlike the older version of the iPhone 6 and previous ones which were made with delicate material and can be easily damaged. They have designed this set with metal and glass casing and are more durable than the previous. It won’t break or crack even after an accidental fall.


You won’t find a big difference in the 4K video you made from this phone or iPhone 11. This is because of the quality of HDR and night camera features they are installed with.

Touch sensitivity

When you use this particular set, you will notice the keypad and touchscreen has higher sensitivity. Its screen is sensitive to slight touch.

Earphone jack

You can use your older earphones of iPhone 4s or universal earphones with this mobile.


Even you can pair this handset with a smartwatch easily.


It comes with such great battery timing. You could use this phone for a whole day and still, you will drain some battery.


You can get this model in three different memory options from 16GB to 128GB.

Worth of This Set in The Used Mobile Market

The mobile market has a great demand for selling and purchasing the iPhone 6SUsually, people get this used mobile to satisfy the charm of using an Apple mobile. The latest models are expensive and most people can’t buy them. The older models of the iPhone 6S are not compatible enough to be used by people in the year 2022. Therefore, the best model of phone to use is this particular handset.

Apple iPhone 6S A+
iPhone 6S (Refurbished A+ Grade) on PLUGnPOINT

iPhone 6S (Refurbished A-Grade) on PLUGnPOINT

PLUGnPOINT lets you purchase the phone after it has passed the phone through quality tests and durability tests. PLUGnPOINT generally gives a 6-month warranty for the set you are purchasing. If any trouble happens with the phone, you can send back it to the PLUGnPOINT. After a detailed check and repair, you can get the phone back. (Terms & conditions applied)

Refurbished Mobile, the Apple iPhone 6S has passed through various quality tests to achieve its best quality. These are better than the second-hand mobiles available in the market. These mobiles have a great lifespan. You will find these mobiles through certified shops and dealers only.

UAE and Dubai Market for iPhone

The one drawback of using Apple mobiles is their battery timings. People often complain about the short time of the battery due to this they are unable to fully use their phones. That is why Apple has designed the iPhone 6 series with efficiently working batteries. When you ought to buy this handset from the UAE, then the iPhone 6S price in UAE is lower than other places in the world. That is because they don’t impose taxes or you have to pay a few taxes on the mobiles.

Not only you can purchase the phone at economical rates but even re-sell it at good rates. iPhone 6S is the best phone with great demand for both selling and purchasing these mobiles.


If you are an Apple iPhone lover and cannot afford to purchase the latest models then don’t need to worry as the refurbished mobile market is for you. When you have to select an iPhone you need to be realistic. Like an iPhone which is economical budget and has compatible features will suit you the most. For this purpose, look for the sale of the iPhone 6S. You can analyze iPhone models with this article. After analysis, you will understand the worth of purchasing this mobile in 2022.

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