• Casio 10 Digits Desktop Calculator – MS-100FM

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    • Mini Desk Type
    • 10 digits
    • Tax calculation: Automatic calculation of price plus tax, price less tax, discount, selling price, tax amount, discount amount, and margin amount.
    • Cost/Sell/Margin: Calculate the cost, selling price, or margin of profit on an item, given the other two values.
    SKU: MS-100FM
  • Casio 14 Digits Accounting Calculator – JS-40B

    0 out of 5
    • Incorporated with tax calculations keys, cost, sell and margin calculation keys
    • Comes with solar power supported plus battery back up
    • Attuned with industrial grade material that prevents deformation
    • Offers a premium quality material ensure durability and ergonomically design
    • Exudes an exquisite craftsmanship that manifests an accentuating show
    SKU: JS-40B

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