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Mobile phone is now a compulsory necessity in our life and without a mobile, you cannot afford to live in society. You can find so many mobile brands which produce mobile sets of different varieties and types depending upon functions and costs.  Apple Inc is on the top of the list of mobile manufacturersThe most sold model by this company is the iPhone 8. We will illustrate about features, specifications, and prices of this specific model in the UAE.

Apple Mobiles

The mobiles are manufactured by an American company present in the USA since 1976. Initially, they produced computers only but after 2007, they switched their technology towards the electronics market. The most demanded products are the Apple iPhones. Apple has launched a series of these mobiles with the latest features. In the UAE, people purchase these mobiles because of the great market demand. They sell them at more compatible rates than any other part of the world. It is because of the tax omission privilege that our country has.

Features of Apple iPhone 8

Apple Company launched iPhone 8 model in 2017. They replaced the older SE model with this particular model which was a great success in terms of the up gradation of its features. Apple produced the trending new glass body feature. Everyone was amazed to check out this beautiful model. The previous iPhone 7 launched with the same old appearance and outlook. This new phone set became a trend in the market.

Apple created a glass body in which they placed the aluminum frame. It got a fingerprint scanner on the home screen key. You can purchase it in three colors. The company has used casing on the phone to protect it from dust. Also, this Apple iPhone 8 is waterproof. Then, the device has a louder volume speaker as compared to the previous devices. The colors of the mobile phone are not affected by any temperature changes.

You can carry this phone easily because of its smart body. They have used a powerful chipset to speed up the software performance. You can use multiple apps on the screen and your phone won’t hang up or heat up, rather it would work smoothly. The camera and its quality are the foremost feature of a mobile phone which people like most. The company has installed the phone with the double lens which can even take wide angled images. Also, it has a quick autofocus feature and sharp pixels. You can make a slow-motion video from this phone.

Is Buying a Pre-Owned Mobile Worth It?

iphone 8 pre owned

PLUGnPOINT offers you to the section of the pre-owned category of mobiles. Most people doubt when it comes to the purchase of a pre-owned mobile. That’s because they fear the working condition of these mobiles. But you need not worry as you can get the best used  in iPhone 8 the UAE marketplace. The basic reason for which you should buy a used mobile is the price set. If you want to buy Apple mobile specifically, then it should be clear that its mobiles are more expensive than any other brand. Investing a big amount to get your dream phone is difficult.

The alternative way is to get a second-hand phone which comes at half the price of the original rates. Therefore, on a low budget, you can buy a top-quality mobile. Secondly, you don’t have to sign up for the contract of its guarantee from the shop you are buying. Purchasing the phone becomes easier and smoother. When you buy a new mobile in UAE it is pin packed which the shopkeeper won’t open for demonstration until you pay the price. But in the case of purchasing a used iPhone, you can practically demonstrate the mobile, and check for its feature and performance. After your satisfaction, you can purchase the phone.

Also, you can negotiate upon the payment of the used Apple iPhone 8. A new mobile cannot be negotiated on price as it is sold at a fixed price. Visit PLUGnPOINT to purchase the pre-owned model of the iPhone.

Apple iPhone 8 a Refurbished Mobile Set

iphone 8 refurbished

Visit our store to reach the refurbished category of mobile phones. The most demanding set is this iPhone 8. We have an expert team that has how to know of repairing Apple phones. We use genuine parts, like screen, battery, casings, chips, etc. The parts we replace or the new ones which we add are directly purchased through the Apple store. Once we receive a used set, our inspection team inspects the mobile. We check for the parts, battery working, and software updates. After that, we keep the tested and checked phones.

We have great expertise in maintaining the device well for its resale. You can visit us for any inquiry you want. Although we have thousands of mobiles of various models of iPhone this one is the best model we refurbished. You will get the cheapest rate on the iPhone 8 price in UAE. Further, we will give you a warranty on the mobile phone.

In case you encounter any issue in the working of your mobile then bring this device back to our store. We will examine the problems happening to the device. Our technicians will check and analyze your device and then repair it. As we provide you with one year guarantee for any repair or maintenance.

How to Check the Refurbished and Pre-Owned Ones

Before making a purchase, you must completely analyze the phone through its appearance. Then, you should check for the software, and performance of the mobiles. One thing you will get is the iPhone 8 price at a cheaper rate for the used mobiles from our store.

For second-hand models, you should visit a reputable online store like ours. The rating of the store matters for the mobiles.

Key Aspects of Buying an Apple Phone

The best model so far

Nowadays the prices of the new iPhone are way too expensive.  But you can’t stop yourself from purchasing these luxury mobile sets. The company doesn’t upgrade the software of the older version till iPhone 7. The models after the 8 series are too expensive that normal people can’t afford the second ones too. That is why this typical model is best in every perspective from its price to its features.

Design and Software

Apple Company designs the phones with consistency. Every model has similarities in its designs. When compared with android phones, their mobiles are worth investing money in. Unlike the androids, they don’t get software issues or other damages. Whichever model of Apple iPhone you use they have the same software.


The technology this company uses in their mobiles is quite advanced than other brands. It is a long-term investment as the used mobile even don’t undergo problems.

Resale feature

Unlike the androids, Apple has a big after-sale market for the mobile set. That ensures you great success in buying the sets at affordable rates. The secondhand set of iPhone 8 prices in UAE is negotiable.


Through this blog, you will be completely aware of reselling process and features of the ایفون 8 mobile set in UAE.  In addition, this model has outstanding features which allow it for reselling and purchase to date. Our store is the expert in this field and we offer you the best phones at cost-effective rates.

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