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Should You Buy a New, Used, or Refurbished Laptop?


The purchase of laptops requires an investment of a great amount of money. Keeping in view this high amount you have to analyze the usage of laptops and your investment. You have to choose between the used and refurbished laptops as new ones are very costly.

Selection of a Laptop

The entire process of purchasing a laptop is dependent on some basic factors. You must know the purpose why you require the purchase of the secondhand conditioned laptop. Second thing, for how much period do you require it? Sometimes, your requirement for a laptop depends on your work. And sometimes you just want it for entertainment. After determining these factors you can conclude what type of laptop you should buy.

Once you have understood the requirements of a laptop. You can easily decide about its procurement. A brand new one will cost you greater than the price of a second-hand one. The used laptop’s price lies within your budget. That is why people demand to buy these instead of a new laptop.

Used and Refurbished Laptops

A laptop is a highly expensive gadget to purchase. You need a great money investment in this. You don’t even know how long you can continue to use it because new versions sometimes overthrow these old ones. Spending a huge amount of money on procurement of new one. When you sell this in the market, the worth of your laptop declines.

If you purchase a new laptop, and after a short time a new technology comes on the market. Consequently, your laptop is not compatible with this technology or it doesn’t upgrade. Hence, you will regret buying this as you won’t obtain its real value resale. In the end, you will have to again purchase a new one.

Secondly, if the particular laptop you are purchasing doesn’t meet your requirement, it’s a complete failure. You should purchase a packed laptop. And which you can’t practically examine its features. You will have fewer money risks associated with the purchase of used ones rather than brand new ones.

What can you do if your brand new laptop gets stolen or it is accidentally broken up? You have no way to save it. You have invested a huge sum in purchasing it and you would lose all this money. Or your laptop breaks within its warranty. If the warranty time has passed on then the repair cost will you almost the same price as a new laptop.

After reading about these drawbacks of purchasing a new laptop, you will always want to purchase used and refurbished laptops. 

Laptops in UAE

UAE has a great market for electronics, especially laptops. You will find various brands of laptops in the PLUGnPOINT online shopping.

As compared to the other countries’ marketplaces, you will get a cheap laptop in the UAE. That is due to the tax relaxation you can avail yourself of in this country. Further, the used laptop price in UAE is viable for everyone.

PLUGnPOINT has categorized the laptops category of laptop refurbished and pre-owned. You can search for these laptops by selecting this filter in the laptop category. This online store has made two categories for laptops. They have further divided these by grading.

Defining the Pre-Owned Laptops

This term is defined for the laptops, that were procured by a user, and now the customer is going for the new model. His old model is available for sale on the PLUGnPOINT online store. These old ones have no problems and are available as flawless objects. PLUGnPOINT online store has two types of pre-owned;

  • Pre-Owned Grade A+
  • Pre-Owned Grade A

Defining the Refurbished Laptops

A person purchases a laptop but his laptop is malfunctioning or gets damaged. Then, he returned this laptop to the manufacturer. The manufacturers repair these and these laptops are then re-sold. They have used two filters to grade the refurbished laptop,

  • Refurbished A+ Grade
  • Refurbished A Grade

Differentiating Between Used and Refurbished Laptops

You shouldn’t confuse these terms together because both of these are different. You should make yourself clear about the refurbished laptopPeople call this a repaired laptop. For example, if a new laptop is malfunctioning, the manufacturers will perform some tests on it. They will check its battery, built-in software, keypad, etc.

Expert technicians check and inspect these laptops. They will replace and repair the faulty parts. They make sure it works properly. Then, they would display it for sale. This kind of laptop is better as it has been thoroughly checked before you purchase it.

You will observe that this type of laptop looks the same as a new laptop. A new laptop is the one which you have newly bought and the refurbished one is not new. You are given assurance for its proper working. Also, you will get a warranty of its working from this store.

PLUGnPOINT online store has listed many used laptops for sale on their page. Why do people sell laptops as used ones? That is because they are not satisfied with the model, colors, features, etc. Similarly, the older one is not what they want to continue using.

Mostly, people don’t deeply investigate these laptops. They don’t want to use the older ones. People who are willing to purchase it might get trapped in faulty laptops. But in our store, you are given a warranty on used laptops also. If you procure such laptops from the open market, you can face the problem of repair, etc., and all of your money is wasted. In the open market, you are not given a warranty for used laptops. By luck, if you get the right one then it’s all good.

PLUGnPOINT Online Store

In case you get a malfunctioning one, then there isn’t a money-back option. Sometimes, your laptop might get infected with viruses that are not good for your laptop.

Thus, our store provides a certified warranty. Rather than this, you just have to rely upon the oral warranty of the seller in the open market. The sellers even tell you if the laptop encounters any fault, they are not responsible for it. Sometimes, a seller might trap you with his words and sell you a fake product than the original one.

So whenever you are looking for a used laptop in Dubai, then visit our online store. It will help you to select a suitable one.

Importance of Buying a New Laptop

new laptop

To avail of a new laptop at an affordable price, you must look for promotional offers. PLUGnPOINT online store frequently provides you offers on laptops.

If you are a person whose work is dependent on laptops. Then you should only reconsider purchasing a new laptop. You don’t want to have a pause in your ongoing work. You would always want to have continuous smooth work on your laptop. If it is a new one, you won’t have to worry about its updates, virus check-ups, windows, performance, etc. Your laptop will get a regular upgrade and it won’t slow its performance. The manufacturers have designed it with the latest designs.

The foremost feature of purchasing a new laptop is its battery. You will be always a concern when you purchase a used and refurbished laptop. Some stores like our store will give you a guarantee for its battery too. Whereas, some stores don’t do so.

Although purchasing a new laptop requires too much money. Once you have spent that much money you won’t have to spend it again and again. There is a charm in using a brand new product. You are excited to use the brand new one. Even you can set up it according to your preference. You will get the guarantee from the manufacturer and the store as well. This laptop will be free from any kind of fault. Your laptop won’t require repairs at least for a year until it gets damaged.

To avail of a new laptop at an affordable price, you must look for promotional offers. PLUGnPOINT online store frequently provides you offers on laptops.

Which Type of Laptops You Should Buy?

When you are required to use the laptop regularly, it might need a repair. At that moment you have to decide to purchase a brand new or a used one. This price is confined by the budget. You should know well about the laptop requirements. If you want to purchase the laptop according to your work requirements you can purchase a used or refurbished laptop. But check on its battery timings.

After you have decided on the purchase look for its battery. How much time it will charge in. The battery must be the original one and the old one.

Next, check for the laptop body. It should be free from scratches and damage. Check for the keypad, all keys must work right. If you want a laptop with new functions and with the latest technology, you should go for a new one. You have to arrange an extra budget to procure a new one.


The decision of buying a second hand laptop in Dubai or a new one is based on various aspects. All used, refurbished and new are good to use. Their worth depends on the purpose of their usage. The worth of laptops might drop with time and usage.

New technologies come and replace the older ones. You can’t stick to a particular model for so long. That is why you must upgrade to a newer version of a laptop. This new version should be a feature of a second hand one and in a new one. So take your decision by keeping in mind the money you have for it and the qualities you want in it.

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