• Admiral Dual Laundry Center, Top 10Kg Wash, Down 7Kg Dry – ADLC157SICP

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    • Dual Laundry Center,
    • Top 10Kg Wash, Down 7Kg Dry
    • Drum Volume Up 35
    • Drum Volume Down 64
    • Intelligent Washing System
    • Auto Balance
    • LED Display
    • Programs (Course) Up 10, Programs (Course) Down 14
    • Dimensions 600 x 605 x 1400
  • Aftron 20KG Washing Machine, White – AFW20600X

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    • Capacity : 20kg
    • Hi efficiency motor
    • Double Layer Plastic Body
    • Rust Proof
    • Heavy-Duty Motor
    • Water Inlet Selection
    • Twin tub
    • Air Dry Function
    • Easy wash and spin settings
    • Knob controlled draining system
    SKU: AFW20600X
  • Electrolux 10 KG Front Load Washer 1600 RPM White – EW8F2166MA

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    • Type: Front Load Washer
    • Capacity: 10kg
    • Power Consumption: 60 l / 0.75 kWh
    • Energy Rating: 4 Star
    • Color: White
    SKU: EW8F2166MA
  • Hitachi 22Kg Top Load Washing Machine, Silver – SFP220ZFVAD3CGXSS

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    • Easy Refresh: With high-temperature steam generated from the built-in heater, it removes unpleasant odors such as cigarettes without washing.
    • Large Capacity: The capacity to handle loads up to 25kg and a wide 616mm sleek-design tub means you can easily wash large, thick items such as curtains or bedding stress-free.
    • Large Pulsator: The Pulsator Blades stand vertically to create a solid stream of water and scrub clothes against each other for an exceptionally clean wash.
    • Powerful Dual Jet: Besides agitating clothes with a pulsator, powerful dual jets falling at two different levels make sure to reach the items at various water levels and circulate them vertically and horizontally for a multi-directional washing effect.
  • Hitachi 25Kg Top Load Washing Machine, Stainless Look – SFP250ZFVAD3CG

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    • Exceptionally Clean Results: No more worrying if the detergent is too much or too little. Hitachi Auto Dosing System automatically dispenses the right amount according to your washing program and the amount of clothes.
    • Large Capacity Tank: Large tank with a capacity to fill 1,000mL detergent and 800mL fabric softener. Easily refillable and removable too.
    • Easy Maintenance: After dispensing detergent, clean water washes the pipe | Tank Case is easily removable and washable.
    • Powerful Dual Jet: Powerful dual jets falling at two different levels make sure to reach the items at various water levels and circulate them vertically and horizontally for a multi-directional washing effect.
    • Hot Tub Clean: 99% Bacteria Reduction 60°C hot water cleaning keeps the pulsator and lint filter clean and hygienic.
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    Kodama Semi Auto Washing Machine 12kg – KXPB1250

    0 out of 5
    • Full Strong Plastic Body
    • Durable and Fashionable
    • 2 Water Inlet For Big Size
    • Turbo Wash, Lower Voice, Rust Free
    • Tow Year Motor Warranty
    • Power Input 650W
    • 3 Pin UK Plug
    • Low Noise & Smooth Washing
    • Overflow Water Protection
    • Motor Overheat Protection
    SKU: KXPB1250
  • LG Washing Machine 14KG S.Auto – P2061NT

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    • Type: Top Load Semi-Automatic Washer
    • Capacity:14 kg
    • Color: Black
    SKU: P2061NT
  • Siemens 8 Kg Washing Machine, White – WM10J180GC

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    • Conventional motors become worn from the mechanical friction of the carbon brushes
    • Innovative structure of the wavedrum with its unique wave shape and the asymmetrical
      paddles complement each other perfectly
    • Intelligent and powerful iQdrive motor for highly effective and efficient laundry care
    SKU: WM10J180GC
  • Siemens Home Connect 9 Kg Washing Machine – WM14VKH0GC

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    • Easier than ever before because the first integrated precision dispensing system determines exactly how much detergent and fabric softener your laundry needs
    • This depends on different factors such as the type of textiles, load size, water hardness, and degree of soiling
    • It will efficiently calculate the dosage down to the last milliliter – to ensure even better fabric care and first-class washing results
    • The synergy of Wi-Fi-enabled appliances, intelligent software, and an intuitive app offers a wide range of options
    • While some ease the workload and some open up completely new possibilities, all of them make everyday life as efficient and comfortable as ever before
    • And you can spend more time on the things you like
    • Wave Drum for highly effective and extremely gentle laundry care

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    • The Washing Machine Enjoy efficient washing results while saving on energy consumption with the massive twin-tub washing-machine SGW2056 from Super General. Thanks to the ESMA 4 Star Rating, the SGW2056 is one of the most efficient and economic washers on the market. Saves you money on utility bills, is good for the environment and achieves best cleaning results for your clothes. Business Outfits, Gym-Wear, Children and Baby-clothes, your favorite dress or pair of jeans – we got you covered!
    • The Features Semi-automatic top-access washer for Cotton, Synthetics, Mix, Daily Laundry or delicate textiles. It features wash and spin function, wash selector – gentle and normal, wash timer from 3 to 15 minutes, cycle selector – wash/rinse and drain, spin timer from 1 to 5 minutes. Wash your active-wear, yoga-leggings and breathable sport-shirts gently. Give bed-sheets, towels, bath-mats a deep-clean for optimal hygiene. Give business shirts a quick refresh. Twist-knobs for easy operation.
    • Value for Money Our customers in mind, we focus on durability, efficiency and ease of use of our Home Appliances! In addition to the 20 kg washing-capacity and 12 kg spin-capacity, this Twin-tub is equipped with heavy-duty motor, rust-proof plastic body and lint-filter. With Spin-Dry function, this energy-efficient washer cleans textiles, quilts, blankets thoroughly with great care so they last long and stay in shape. Ideal washer for large households or cleaning services! Saves Water and time!
    • Powerful Performance, highly efficient Our Twin-tub washing machine achieves great washing results while keeping energy and water-consumption low! Efficient hygiene at low cost are achieved with this machine that uses only 60.82 KWh energy consumption and 70824 liter water consumption annually. Grade of Waterproof: IPX4 and ESMA 4 Star Rating. Loading capacity of 20 kg, it is great for big family households or placed in villas. Modern design foldable lid in black for easy loading and unloading.
    • Technical Specifications Efficient and Energy-saving washing-machine in White with black lid. Rated Wash Capacity: 20 kg. Rated Spin Capacity: 12 kg. Power Supply: 220-240V, Frequency: 50 Hz. Rated Power Input: 550W. Rated Spin Dry Power Input: 250W. Grade of Waterproof: IPX4. Net Weight: 34 kg. Gross Weight: 40 kg. Dimensions: 102 x 62 x 105 cm. Packing Dimensions: 104 x 63 x 110 cm. Annual Water Consumption: 70824 Liter/Year. Annual Energy Consumption: 60.82 KWh/Year. ESMA 4 Star Rating.
    SKU: SGW 2056
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    Vestel 6 Kg Front Load Washing Machine 1000 RPM, Silver – W6104DS

    0 out of 5
    • Vestel Fully-automatic front-load washing machine
    • 3-Star ESMA Energy Rating
    • LED Display Panel
    • Large Door opening with a 71-inch diameter.
    • Powerful Performance
    • Highly efficient Front-Loading-Washer
    • Low consumption of energy and water.
    • Efficient hygiene at a low cost
    • 1000 RPM Spin Speed
    SKU: W6104DS

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