• Kidzabi 5 Pcs Yoyo Ball Toy with LED Lights for Kids (Random colors) – YWHH22001

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    • Practice Yo-Yo skills: Not only can you exercise the player’s perseverance and hand-eye coordination, but also cultivate the spirit of exploration and innovation. After mastering the rules of yo-yo skills, you can combine and change various movement skills according to your own ideas to create new movement skills.
    • Small size: The yo-yo is small in size and easy to carry, with almost no requirements on the venue. No matter where you go, you can take it out to play a few times at any time.
    • Make friends with the ball: Most foreign players like to make friends with the ball and travel in teams.
    • Or in the hustle and bustle of the pedestrian streets, or in the quiet parks or lakesides, a group of people talk and laugh as they go “you”, and the fun is endless.¬†The original meaning of the word “yo-yo” in yo-yo is “come”.
    • Variety of fancy styles: There are many ways to play yo-yo, which is very ornamental and is called “finger dance”.¬†Most professional yo-yo performances are accompanied by a musical background. Players can play a variety of exquisite and difficult tricks in line with the rhythm of the music, which will make the audience never get bored.
    • Age Range: from 3 years +
    SKU: YWHH22001

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