• Geepas 2 in 1 Rechargeable Emergency LED Lantern with USB Mobile Charging Output, Black & Green- GE5559

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    • Powered by a replaceable long-lasting battery
    • 36-pcs 0.5W Hi-power LEDs
    • Overcharge and over-discharge protection
    • Dual light mode setting
    • Automatic lighting function
    • Solar and USB inputs
    • Charging time: 20-24 hours
    • Working time: 200 hour low light/ 7 hour bright light
    SKU: GE5559
  • Geepas 3 in 1 Family Pack Rechargeable Led Flashlight – GFL4658

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    • HIGH INTENSITY LIGHT LED FLASHLIGHT – This Geepas family set Led Torch has a high intensity light with led flash light gives bright white light which is less harsh to the eyes and this torch is very much useful in emergency light in case of power failures at your home.
    • RECHARGE BATTERY & 2000 METERS REAL RANGE DISTANCE – This torch has an immense wavelength and is capable to reach a long distance with a maximum range of 2000 meters. Comes with a highly durable 1450 mAh rechargeable battery that can be recharged multiple times.
    • RECHARGEABLE – This torch has an immense wavelength and is capable to reach a long-distance range of 2000 meters. Comes with highly durable rechargeable battery can work for 3 hours at single charge in a single charge. It takes 6-8 hours get completely charged.
    • WHITE MICRO CHIP LED, 3 HOURS AT SINGLE CHARGE – This torch will provide you bright white light up to 3 hours at single charge & as you fix the distance of the light beam it automatically provide you the bright light needed to that distance to give you clear view.
    SKU: GFL4658
  • Krypton 37 Pcs Rechargeable Solar LED Torch With Lantern – KNSE5104

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    • RECHARGEABLE BATTERY – This lantern uses a lead-acid battery with a capacity of 4V 1200Mah. It can provide continuous bright light for up to 3 hours working time with 3 tube light and 7 hours working in 1 tube light of making it ideal for camping and outdoors.
    • 37 PCS HI-POWER MEGA LUMINOUS LEDS – It is a more efficient way of providing brighter light in smaller size.
    • 3 HOURS WORKING, EASY CARRY HANDLE – 3 hours working time with 3 tube light and 7 hours working in 1 tube light, very useful in unannounced or sudden power outages.
    • ENERGY-EFFICIENT DESIGN & EXTENDED BATTERY LIFE: This emergency light provides uniform light throughout and has amazing battery life. It uses 37 Pcs LED to give perfect reading light.
    • SOLAR PANEL- Solar panel with DC 6V solar interface used in solar lantern is of high quality so to gain charge in cloudy weather and effectively helping battery to recharge.
    SKU: KNSE5104
  • Krypton Rechargeable Solar LED Emergency – KNSE5105

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    • LED emergency lantern with solar panel made with 18 pieces Hi-power LED
    • Energy efficient, compact, portable and light-weight design with a handle.
    • Super bright and works for 5 hours.
    • Strong and sturdy construction.
    • Battery: 4V 900mAh sealed lead-acid battery.
    • Operating time: 2 hours (full strong light), 3 hours (full week light), greater than 5 hours (one tube light)
    SKU: KNSE5105

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