• Nikai 2 Ton Window AC with Piston Compressor – NWAC18038E6

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    • Piston Compressor
    • T-3 Compressor
    • Grooved copper tubing
    • Low Noise
    • Robust & Sturdy Design
    SKU: NWAC18038E6
  • Nikai T3 Window AC 24000btu Cooling – NWAC24031N11

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    • No sweatier hot summer nights, have a step up with the Nikai 2 Ton Window Air Conditioner. Enjoy cool, fresh air all day and night long. Made with high-quality material and easy to operate and maintain. Our Split AC is the perfect fit for your living room, bedroom, office or small cafe with the elegant white finish.
    • This air conditioner comes with a high-efficiency T-3 GMCC Rotary Compressor that provides energy efficiency with lesser vibration and faster cooling. The compressor rotates smoothly and creates no vibrations. Moreover, its outdoor unit does not need shelter and keeps working without tripping in extreme heat conditions. It is also more durable than other alternatives.
    • The AC has grooved copper tubing because copper can better handle oxidation for long periods, ultimately giving air conditioners a longer lifespan. Copper can withstand heat and corrosion and work better for air conditioners. It lets refrigerant flow smoothly through the tubes for effective cooling.
    • Features – Practical and Efficient. This air conditioner has several features to raise your comfort levels, especially during the hot summer months. It has a low noise level for no disturbance, a wall-mounted control panel for easy access, and optimized airflow, so you never have to worry about increasing electricity bills. The air conditioner has an air inlet filter, so dust or unwanted particles don’t enter the compressor and cause damage, an eco-grill design, and two twist control knobs to control the thermostat and operation. The AC has three cooling speeds to choose from, according to how you feel.
    SKU: NWAC24031N11

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