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    Whirlpool 190 Liters Single Door Refrigerator, Grey – WMD205VL

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    • Brand                       Whirlpool
    • Capacity                   190 Liters
    • Colour                      Grey
    • Number of doors     1
  • Whirlpool 292 liter Refrigerator, Grey – WTM362RSL

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    • The Capacity is 256 Liters and Net Capacity is 202 Liters. Glass shelves with profile fronts, provide robustness, elegance and extra safety.
    • 6th sense deep freeze technology and chilling gel: full circular airflow in the FC. The unique chilling gel in the freezer helps retain the cooling during power cuts which prevent ice from melting
    • Smart sensors inside the cavity will track the temperature within the fridge and activate the defrost mode only when needed
    • 12 Days of Garden freshness experience up to 12 days of Garden freshness powered by a Fresh flow air tower with flexi vents, honeycomb design with moisture control system and micro block technology
    • Fresh flow air tower with flexi vents: scientifically designed air tower and strategically placed vents L out cool and fresh air I different sections of the refrigerator
    SKU: WTM362RSL
  • Whirlpool Freestanding Side-by-Side Fridge Freezer 591L, Silver – WQ9 B1L UK

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    • NoFrost technology reduces the humidity inside the freezer, preventing ice build-up.
    • The side-by-side appliance’s capacity, measured in litres.
    • The presence of automatic or semi-automatic options to prevent or reduce the formation of ice, and thus the cleaning effort.
    • The Side-by-Side appliance’s energy rating. The higher the rating, the higher the energy-efficiency of the product.
    • ZEN TECHNOLOGY- Enjoy the calm in your kitchen with only 37.5 DB noise level thanks to the Inverter Compressor motor. Cleaning & Maintenance
    SKU: WQ9 B1L UK
  • Whirlpool Top Mount Refrigerator 232L, Grey – WTM322RSL

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    • Faster freezing, better conservation of delicate items in the freezer
    • extended cooling preservation of frozen food during power cuts
    • Faster ice making, Retains taste and texture of ice cream and delicate items avoiding crystal ice formation
    • Fresh Flow Air System
    • Garden Fresh Crisper & Microblock Fruit Crisper
    • Keep the Whirlpool refrigerator doors safely shut and child proof all your storage items with the Door Lock
    • Gross Capacity: 262 Liters Net Capacity: 232 Liters
    SKU: WTM322RSL
  • Whirlpool Top Mount Refrigerator 360 L, Silver – WTM452RSS

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    • Multi flow: The Multi flow system ensures smooth airflow and circulation inside the fridge, which guarantees excellent conditions for storing food in every place in the fridge. You don’t have to remember the need to arrange products inside the fridge in a specific manner.
    • Deep Freeze: Reaches the coldest temperature with minimum energy consumption, keeping food fresh and crystal free
    • Garden Fresh Crisper: Vegetable crisper with moisture lock cover with adjustable humidity control slider to keep the ideal moisture to preserve fresh vegetable longer
    • Total No Frost: The Total No Frost feature means there is no need to defrost the freezer. This not only allows for better food preservation but a hassle-free freezer for you
    SKU: WTM452RSS

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