• Vestel 12 Place Settings 4 Programmes Dishwasher, White – D141

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    • Time Snooze Function allows you to choose the time when the washing will start, let your dishes be washed at the most convenient time for you and you can enjoy the sparkling dishes.”
    • Super 50 min Program You may not always have enough time to run your dishwasher on standard programs. So, would you think it would be possible to have a new technology that washes, rinses and dries all of your daily dishes at normal pollution level in just 50 minutes? With Vestel, why not? Vestel dishwashers with a renewed drying function “”Super 50″” program ensure that your dishes are immaculate with water temperatures up to 65 °C.”
    • Glass Protection Technology: Vestel provides effective protection against scratches and corrosion caused by lime water in your glasses and all glassware you value. After adjusting according to the hardness of your water during installation, “”Cup and Glass Protection Technology”” comes into play and extends their lifespan by ensuring that all your glass products remain in the brightness of the first day after each wash.”
    • ENERGY STAR certified to help you conserve energy and pay less for utilities
    SKU: D141

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