• Kidzabi Dinosaur Track Cars Playset Toy for Kids 240 Pcs – XC20001

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    • Create your own dinosaur theme race: Flexible combination and varieties of ways to play. Exercise hand-eye coordination and color perception.
    • 240 flexible race track pieces, dino toy cars, dinosaur models, trees, dinosaur heads, and slopes. Develop child hand-eye coordination, logical thinking skills, and creativity.
    • Easy to assemble or disassemble: It has great flexibility when the whole track is pieced together. Create new track layouts for different combinations – slopes, bridges, etc. The track width is 3 inches, which can be perfectly spliced with a track set to form a super dino world.
    • Electric dinosaurs car chasing electric racing Electric dinosaurs are chasing electric racing cars in the world of dinosaurs. Watch the cars run around on the race track of your creation, drift along the crazy curves, and run down the slopes. It is very exciting to think about it. The race car requires a 1 AA battery (not included).
    • Age range: form to 6 years and up
    SKU: XC20001

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