• Kidzabi Family Center Playground Roller Coaster Playset Toy for Kids – JH20001

    • Marble run toys, repetitive toys – The balls roll again in a predictable track and drop up, but need you to keep rotating the crank, suitable for children on the Autism Spectrum or who like repetitive toys.
    • “Track” style toy – different from more over marble building blocks, the ball track is assembled by several track slots, simple and more like a race track toy.
    • Take Apart it by yourself, this is a DIY assemble a toy, that improves patience, hand-eye coordination, motor skills, logic, and problem-solving skills.
    • Made of a strong, durable plastic, smooth and round corners design, harmless to babies’ hands. And the cute Macaron color will make the toy look more interesting.
    • Package including Ball Drop Toy, ticket office, game coins, ropes, street signs, trees, screwdrivers, fences, and the Kong Ming Lock doll.
    • Age Range: 4 to 12 years
    SKU: JH20001

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