• Terim 7kg Front Load Washing Machine – TERFL71200

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    • 16 Programs- This Terim washer features 16 wash programs which allowed you to wash different types of clothes thus providing you complete convenience and a sparkling clean wash every single time
    • High spin speed- This washing machine has a higher spin speed of 1200 rpm which means that more water will be removed at the end of the washing cycle. This is great because your clothes will dry quicker, saving you time, energy and money.
    • Stainless steel drum- Featuring a stainless steel drum which is durable and rustproof and you can use it for years without it ever breaking down.
    • Time delay- The washing machine has end-time delay feature which allows you to set when you want the next washing cycle to start and finish, by up to 24 hours in advance. This is great if you want to use night-time electricity tariff or want to wake up or come home from office to laundry freshly washed and ready for drying.
    • Child lock- Because this washing machine is equipped with Child Lock safety feature, you will be able to lock all the keys to prevent settings from being changed by a child.
    SKU: TERFL71200

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