• Super General Ice-Maker, 20 kg, Portable Ice-Machine with Ice Basket and Shovel, Silver – SGIMO22HS

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    • The Ice-Maker Compact, Efficient and powerful ice-maker enclosed in durable and sturdy plastic. Easy to clean and maintain. The SGIM022HSN produces up-to 20 kgs of ice per day in 3 different sizes. Foldable-lid for easy access. Ideal for cocktails, cold-drinks, sodas, ice-water, energy-drinks, slushies, cold-coffee, ice-tea. With its light-weight and compact design it is great to use at home, coffee shops, cocktail bars, restaurants, cafes. Net weight of 16.7 kgs.
    • The Features This practical and modern ice-machine produces 20 kgs of high-quality ice-cubes within 24 hours in 3 different sizes (small, medium and large). Thanks to the glossy handles on the side, it can be easily moved around and lies comfortably in the hand for easy transportation. With an indicator light that shows ice-full and add-water function. The ice-maker comes with a spacious plastic ice-basket and ice shovel for easy access. Provide you guest a unique experience with this ice-maker
    • Maximum Safety This compact, stylish and efficient ice-maker is made of high-quality plastic. Maximum safety during operation is ensured by the touch panel on the top right corner with indicator light for ice-full and add water option. The ergonomic design allows easy handling of the ice-maker during operation or when filled with ice. Good-quality ice-basket and ice-shovel included to provide hands-free operation when making your favorite drink!
    • Efficient and Energy-saving The sleek and stylish ice-maker is very efficient-compact with Ice Making Current 1.0A and Ice Harvest Current 1.2A to ensure the ice achieves its desired results. Thanks to its handy size and light weight construction of only 14.5 kg net, it can be easily transported and placed in different locations as per your requirements. Equipped with frequently-used and environmentally friendly Refrigerant R290/33g.
    • Technical Specifications The counter-top ice-maker-storage comes in a semi-glossy silver finish with glossy handles. Net Weight: 14.5 kg. Vesicant: C5H10. Dimensions: 42.4 x 46.6 x 45.6 cm. Capacity: 20 kgs within 24 hours. Voltage 220 – 240 V, Frequency 50/60 Hz. Power: 160W. Ice Making Current 1.0A and Ice Harvest Current 1.2A. Enclosure: Plastic. Refrigerant: R290/33g. Ideal for parties, mocktail nights, tiki bowls, brunches.

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