• Education Smart Prayer Mat (Salah) for Muslim Kids – SZ10WUDU

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    • Interactive Design: The mat is embedded with sensors and touch-sensitive technology that can detect the movements and positions of the child during prayer.
    • Audio Instructions: The prayer mat may have a built-in audio system that provides step-by-step instructions and recitations to guide the child through the different stages of Salah.
    • Visual Display: The mat may have an integrated LED display that shows visual cues and illustrations to further assist the child in understanding the correct positions and movements.
    • Educational Content: The mat may come with additional educational features such as interactive games, quizzes, and stories related to Salah and Islamic teachings.
    • Mobile App Integration: Some smart prayer mats may have a companion mobile app that allows parents or teachers to monitor the child’s progress, track their performance, and provide personalized feedback or rewards.
    • Available in Different Colors

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