• Samsung 6 Programmes 13 Place Settings Free Standing Dishwasher, Silver – DW60M6040FS/GU

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    • Samsung Dishwasher Free Standing 6 Programmes & 13 Place Settings Silver Model DW60M6040FS
    • A Hygiene option can be activated with certain programs to get everything hygienically clean. It extends the final rinse and increases the water temperature to 70˚C, which enables deeper cleaning and kills off bacteria and germs. So your dishes, cutlery and cooking utensils are always safe to use.
    • Gone are the days of waiting for the dishwasher to be full. The Half Load setting gives you much greater flexibility as it allows you to fill and clean items in the bottom zone only. So you can save time and energy by running smaller loads and enjoy the convenience of having clean dishes at anytime.
    • A 60 minute Express Wash option gets your dishes clean and dry much faster. It’s ideal for smaller loads of lightly soiled items that don’t need really intensive cleaning, such as cups, cutlery and dinner plates, as it will put them through a complete washing and drying cycle within just 60 min.
    SKU: DW60M6040FS/GU

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