• Krypton Portable High power Led Rechargeable lantern with 4 Hours Working – KNE5127

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    • RECHARGEABLE BATTERY – This lantern uses a sealed lead-acid battery with a capacity of 4V 800mAh. It can provide continuous bright light for up to 4 hours (weak light) making it ideal for camping and outdoors and in any emergencies.
    • 24*0.2W HI-POWER LED LIGHT- It is a more efficient way of providing brighter light in a smaller size. Each LED of 0.2W makes the lantern glow perfectly and brightens up the space.
    • ANTI-GLARE BRIGHT LIGHT – This emergency light provides uniform light throughout and has an anti-glare structure. It is friendly to the eyes and can also be used as a study light for reading.
    • 4 HOURS WORKING – The lantern requires 8 to 10 hours to charge completely. 8 hours/weak light & 2.5 hours/strong light continuous working time, very useful in unannounced or sudden power outages.
    • PORTABLE, LIGHTWEIGHT & CARRY HANDLE – The Krypton Rechargeable LED Emergency Lantern is portable and lightweight with a carry handle for flexibility and light in the dark wherever and whenever you need it. It is compact and wonderfully portable, so you can take it anywhere you need the light.
    SKU: KNE5127
  • Krypton Rechargeable 3 Side Emergency Lantern, Red – KNE5175

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    • Power bank function; Charging indicator; Charge through solar panel
    • Unbreakable PC glass; With two side lamps
    • Housing: ABS; Reflector: 4D Reflector
    • Switch Mode: tube & SMD / tube / off / side light
    • Lighting source: Two sides each 24pcs 5630 SMD LED
    • Front side 48pcs 5630 SMD LED
    • Battery: 6V 4.0 Ah Rechargeable Lead- Acid Battery
    • Charging time: 12 Hours
    • Working Time: Super Bright – 10 Hours Bright – 60 Hours
    • AC 220-240V 50/60Hz 15W
    SKU: KNE5175
  • Krypton Rechargeable 3 Side Emergency Lantern, White and Blue – KNE5174

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    • Power bank function; Charge through the solar panel; Battery capacity indicator
    • Overcharge/ Discharge function
    • Unbreakable PC glass; Housing: ABS
    • 3pcs 5W LED bulbs; Reflector: 4D Reflector
    • Switch Mode: left side working/ right & left side working together/ middle side working / off
    • Lighting source: Each side 30PCS 5630 SMD LED and the middle 96 PCS 5630 SMD LED
    • Battery: 6V 4.0Ah Rechargeable Lead-Acid Battery
    • Charging indicator; Charging Time: 10 Hours; Working time: left single side light 20 hours 2 sides light 15 hours (left& right) middle side light 7 hours
    • AC 220-240V 50/60Hz 15Wa
    SKU: KNE5174

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