• Nikai Top Loading Water Dispenser, Hot and Cold Dispensing with Cup Holder – NWD1209T1

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    Sleek and stylish, the Nikai Water Dispenser provides instant hot and cold water with a push-button design and a unique single tap design.

    It has a high-quality stainless steel water tank that withstands heavy gallons of water.

    Thanks to the lightweight construction and modern design, this efficient water-cooler can be placed everywhere in the home, office, gym, studio, restaurant, bar, hotel, or shop.

    The Nikai Water Dispenser has an Anti-bacterial build meaning it uses materials that will not let bacteria stay alive or multiply.

    It has double safety protection for low water and a stainless steel water tank, so you never have contaminated water, and the tank stays clean for long.

    SKU: NWD1209T1

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