• Nikai 190L Gross Capacity Double Doors Refrigerator (138L Net Capacity) Refrigerator – NRF190DN4S

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    • Gross & Net Capacity: The Gross Capacity of Nikai–NRF190DN4S is 190Ltr & the net capacity of this refrigerator is 138Ltr. It is a perfect fit for moderate-sized Kitchens, Offices, Hotel rooms, Retail outlets. It is perfectly suitable for refrigerating foods, like fruits, vegetables, and beverages. It comes with 1 year Refrigerator Warranty and 3 Years Compressor Warranty.
    • Environment-friendly Refrigerant- The appliance uses R600a for cooling, owing to its superior thermodynamic performance and low environmental impact. This Refrigerator is also free of chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) which can cause harm to the environment.
    • Super Silent & Efficient Compressor: A silent/quiet compressor is designed especially; for quiet operation and is fully automated and virtually noiseless. This compressor combines machine reliability, additional noise insulation, and efficient lubrication to absorb most noise produced to live comfortably in the surroundings. Lock & Key Function: To secure your kids when you are not around, Nikai Refrigerator comes with a lock & key feature for security.
    • Defrosting & Temperature Control: Defrost the freezing compartment whenever the ice layer reaches 3-4mm on the evaporator. During the defrosting method, remove all foods and ice cubes trays. Then, Place the drip tray to collect melted water to start defrosting, set the thermostat at 0 positions, and do not forget to keep the door open. To adjust the temperature, adjust the knob from 1 to max to control the refrigerator temperature. A medium setting is the most recommended setting for general operation. Set the thermostat in max position only when ice cubes or frozen food is in the freezing compartment.
    • Contents: It has a vegetable crisper to keep the vegetables and fruits fresh for a longer time till consumption. It comes with 2 Utility shelves which is a smaller shelf to store all sorts of small items like spreads, chocolates, snacks, etc. It has 2 Bottle shelves which is a bigger sized shelf to use for your bottles of water, sauces, drinks; etc. It has 3 Adjustable shelves to move the shelf up and down according to the size of things being put into the refrigerator.
    SKU: NRF190DN4S

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