• Nikai Free Standing Gas Cooker – U6064FS

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    • Enjoy preparing delicious and aromatic home-cooked meals with this high-quality Gas Cooker from Nikai.
    • 60×55 Full Gas Cooker comes with four gas burners and an oven, with a full safety device that prevents accidental gas leakages.
    • Autoignition feature is natural with such a modern Hob, you don’t want to be using matches and burning your fingers so, thanks to Auto-Ignition you won’t have to ever!
    • It has six knobs for controlling different things in the cooking range, 4 for Gas Burners, and 2 for Oven.
    • Features: It has a Stainless steel top, an Inox grey body, a Double glass oven door for insulation, so the temperature is maintained inside the oven cavity, a Flame failure device to prevent accidental gas leaks, a thermostat to adjust the temperature according to your recipe and ingredients used, Oven lamp to check food cooking stages, a turnspit (rotating rod for meat cooking) to cook meat and chicken thoroughly and evenly, One tray and one grid for using in the oven, and a Grill option for cooking.
    SKU: U6064FS

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