• Nikai Built-in 5 Burner Gas Hob, Silver – NGH5005N

    • Five burner gas hobs, which are perfect for a kitchen with a modern look, can be used in home kitchens, commercial kitchens, restaurants, etc. Made in China.
    • It has five burners: one triple wok burner, one rapid burner, two semi-rapid burners, and one auxiliary burner. It has heavy-duty cast iron pan supports, for stability during the cooking process, so your pans don’t slip off and cause injuries or wastage.
    • It has a Stainless Steel 304 panel and a Stainless-Steel body for elegant finish and longevity. Stainless Steel is a material known for withstanding high temperatures without any problems.
    • Nikai Built-In Gas Hobs are equipped with a flame failure device on each burner to avoid any serious injuries or leaks, which means that for any reason the flame accidentally extinguishes, the burner gas flow will be immediately blocked.
    SKU: NGH5005N

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