• Bompani 25Liters Microwave Oven with Grill and Convection, Stainless Steel – BMO25DGS

    0 out of 5
    • Microwave Oven
    • 25 Ltrs
    • With Microwave And Grill Function
    • Mirror Finishing Door Glass And Panel
    • Painted Gray Cavity
    • Digital Control
    • Red Led Display
    • Pull Open Door Handle
    • 5 Microwave Power Levels
    • 8 Auto Menus
    • 95 Mins. Cooking Timer
    • Defrost By Weight Or Time
    • 30 Seconds Quick Start
    • 315mm Glass Turntable
    • 1xgrill Rack And 1xglass Tray
    • 1450W Input Power (Microwave)
    • 900W Output Power (Microwave)
    • 1100W Input Power (Grill)
  • Krypton 700W Microwave Oven 20 Liter Capacity, White – KNMO6196

    0 out of 5
    • This microwave has 700W output and a 30 minute timer, with 5 different power levels to choose from, letting you heat up a wide variety of different meals, including soups, ready meals, pizza, vegetables and pasta, within a matter of minutes
    • Not to worry, the handy defrost function on this microwave will let you cook straight from frozen, so you can start enjoying your meal in no time
    • The 20-liter capacity makes this microwave perfect for single and family homes It features a simple turn dial and easy pull handle on the door
    • Defrost setting lets you cook meals straight from frozen
    SKU: KNMO6196
  • Nikai 700W Microwave Oven, 20L Capacity, White – NMO515N9A

    0 out of 5
    • Cook mouth-watering meals with the Nikai 700 watt Microwave Oven for your family. It has a 20 Ltr capacity and easy countertop installation. It is perfect for family kitchens, offices, small cafes, and dorm food areas. Just place it on the counter, plug it in, and you are ready to use your efficient appliance!
    • Defrost Setting – our microwave oven has a power mode ‘medium low’ that lets you quickly thaw frozen foods. It uses standard microwave heat but reduces the power to around 30%, thawing the food but being careful not to cook it.
    • It has an observation window on the door to let you see what’s happening inside. You can observe your food while it gets cooked. Two knobs available on the panel give easy control of features like timer and power settings.
    • The door can be opened with a push button for ease of use. So next time when you are ready to put your dish to cook inside the microwave, all you need to do is push a button! There is a cooking end signal that dings when the cooking time is up. It informs you when you are not around the appliance so you can check up on it.
    • It has a timer of up to 35 minutes. Turn the timer knob to set the time to your desired amount according to the food. There is a power knob that lets you set the cooking power according to the food. It has five power options – Low, Med Low, Med, Med High, and High. Made in China.
    SKU: NMO515N9A
  • Super General 20L Microwave Oven, White – SGMM921NHW

    0 out of 5
    • 5 Microwave Power Levels
    • 35 Minutes Kitchen Timer
    • Defrost Settings
    • Cooking End Signal
    • Ergonomic Handle & Knobs For Ease of Use
    • Mechanical Control
    • Chrome Decorating Knobs
    • Pull Open Door Handle
    • Painted Grey Cavity

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