• Kidzabi 5in1 Wooden Educational Numbers Log Toy for Kids – W14B210

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    • Best Toddler Gift: This puzzle set including numbers, shapes, alphabet, and cute animal patterns brings tons of fun. It is a delightful yet educational gift for toddler boys and girls aged 3 years old and up. Children are capable of learning before they go to school. Great help for preschool education at home, perfect gift idea for kids’ birthdays and festivals.
    • Early Cognitive Skills: With the Montessori toy, children could sort and name colors, distinguish between different shapes, stack blocks, count and put the O-ring over wooden pegs, and do simple math operations on their own. This enables young minds to develop cognition on color, number, shape, letter, and quantity.
    • Focus and Coordination: As your baby play, he or she could be focused on the whole activity. Like the colorful fish which is magnetic, attracts kids to engage themselves in the whole gaming process. Meanwhile, their hand-eye coordination skills are enhanced while they are thinking, touching, and making progress.
    • Healthy Fun for Kids: Made of natural wood coated with acrylic paint, no irritation to kids’ health, and extremely resistant to water. Reminder: It is normal that may arrive with a little odor of the log. For better use, please put the item out to disperse for a time before using it. The bright color could be well retained. Designed with bigger-sized pieces, so there is less chance of choking. (Note: Children shall play under the surveillance of parents).
    • Age Range: 2 to 4 Years, 5 to 7 years
    SKU: W14B210

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