• Kidzabi Magnetic Drawing Board Toy 15.7 – HS225A-C

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    • KIDS TOY – If you’ve been looking for a strong and durable drawing board, then your search is over! That’s because the drawing board is built with a double layer of plastic which means that even if your kid steps on it, sit on it, or throw it on the floor it will not break easily! guaranteed!
    • NEED ONE FOR TRAVELS: We got you covered! In addition to the large-size board, we added a 4 color mini-size board that can fit in any bag! This is great for you because you could carry it with you for car rides, airplanes, and restaurants, and keep your child entertained anywhere.
    • YOU won’t LOSE YOUR STAMPS – Our stamps connect to the board by magnets which means that your kids could take them in and out easily! Once they put it back in place, it will stay connected and secure to the board and won’t fall off!
    • EASY PEASY – We improved our eraser bar and made it work smoothly so it’ll not get stuck halfway or make you swipe it back and forth several times. 1 or 2 easy swipes and you’re ready to go again. Your kids could do it by themselves and they will not ask for your help if it gets stuck halfway or makes you swipe it back and forth several times.
    • Age Range: from 2 to 6 years old
    SKU: HS225A-C

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