• Krypton 1800W Meat Grinder, 3 Metal Cutting Plates, Silver and Black – KNMG6248

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    • The heavy-duty Meat Mincer is up to 600W rated power and 1800W max locked power
    • Grinding faster and more efficient than manual. Durable metal gears ensure that grinding meat more smoothly
    • An ideal choice as a meat processor (deer meat, chicken, pork etc.)
    • Cooking minced meat is even easier and cheaper now
    • You do not have to buy additional accessories or blades for this food maker
    • The set includes 3 cutting blades in different sizes, namely 3 mm, 5 mm, and 7 mm
    • This will allow you to choose between coarse, medium, and fine grinding of minced beef or veal
    • All parts easy to install and remove for cleaning
    • 3 cutting plates, 2 cutting blades, and slicer shredder attachment can be washed in the dishwasher, other parts are NOT dishwasher safe
    SKU: KNMG6248
  • Krypton 2000W Meat Grinder 3 Metal Cutting Plates, Red and Silver – KNMG6249

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    • he meat grinder is equipped with a pure copper motor with 2000W high power (maximum load power is up to 2,000W), high grade stainless steel blades and cutter heads, and produces high quantity minced meat every minute
    • Ideal for meat processing (beef, chicken, pork, etc.)
    • The meat grinder attachment’s fine grinding plate can be used for raw meat, fish, small nuts, or cooked meat for making meat fillings
    • And medium/coarse grinding plates are suitable for raw meat, fish, nuts; Meat rollers can make meat rolls
    • The sausage stuffer is used to making sausages and other foods
    • If the electric mincer is stuck, you can solve this problem by using the special function R on the switch
    • The blades will begin to rotate in the opposite direction, and the product will exit through the top. If this does not help, clean the meat mincer, then turn it off and rinse with water
    • Our food grinder attachment greatly extends the flexibility of the Krypton Stand Mixer
    • And they have fit all Krypton stand mixer series
    SKU: KNMG6249

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