• Krypton Luggage Scale 50 Kg – KNLS5103

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    • HIGH PRECISION – These scales will show you exactly the weight, how much the thing weighs. Scales do not make mistakes, as they are digital.
    • 50KG CAPACITY – These scales can weigh everything, weighing up to 50 kg. Simply put the item in the bag and attach it to the scales, or use the strap to put it into the item, or to clasp the item and press one button before weighing it.
    • LCD DISPLAY – The LCD display will accurately show you the weight of the item. Such displays are famous for their simplicity and durability. This display comes with a backlight, so you can use the scales and see the results even at night.
    • TOUGH BODY – The case of these scales is made of high-quality material, which ensures a long service life of the device. Do not forget also that this device is small, it lies comfortably in your hand and your hand will not get tired of using it. Do not worry about the weight of the scales themselves, the product combines such qualities as strength and lightness.
    • ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED – Made to be user-friendly; the handle is shaped ergonomically to give a comfortable grip to the user when lifting a potentially heavy load. Conveniently, the digital display panel is on the top to save the user from having to bend down or lift the luggage higher to read it. To use simply wrap the strap around the handle of your bag/case and lift the luggage off the floor slightly. The display on the top gives a quick and clear reading of the measurement.
    SKU: KNLS5103

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