• Kidzabi Simple Dimple Fidget Toy Keychain for Kids – LCGJ22004

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    • STRESS RELIEF: Have you noticed that your child, or yourself, is suddenly feeling anxious, restless, and a bit OCD? Then you cannot control yourself to stop trembling? Then you might need or even love this Simple Popper Fidget Bubble Toy. Squeeze the bubbles of the Simple Popper Fidget Bubble Toy for under 5 dollars, in the process fidget toys will make a slight popping sound to reduce stress and relieve anxiety.
    • MULTI-PURPOSE: The Simple Popper Fidget Bubble Toy not only can relieve stress but also can improve the ability to calculate and think. This multipurpose silicone Simple Popper Fidget Bubble Toy is the perfect game for parents, the elderly, children, and adults to play. Have fun anywhere anytime with this great mini fidget bubbles toys keychain.
    • EASY FUN: Simple Popper Fidget Bubble Toy is small in size, light in weight, and ergonomically designed. It can be taken out at any time, press two buttons, comfortable operation, promote tactile stimulation, help you quickly restore calm and focus, and is the ideal mini pop pressure relief toy.
    • IDEAL GIFT: This Simple Popper Fidget Bubble Toy will be fashionable for children, adult Birthday gifts, Easter baskets, Halloween, Christmas stocking stuffers, Children’s day novelty gifts, office toys, and more! It is also suitable for children’s parties, which keep the active body busy all day. Your child can get through the challenges of healthy games and sports in novelty toys.
    • Age Range: from 3 Years +
    SKU: LCGJ22004
  • Kidzabi Simple Dimple Fidget Toy Keychain for Kids – LCGJ22005

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    • Lightweight and portable: This simple dimple is small in size and light in weight. You can take it with you, as long as you feel nervous or bored, you can take it out to play, simple dimple cheap
    • Colorful toys: dimple fidget toys, There are a variety of colors to meet all your needs, and bright colors can also attract your baby’s attention, simple dimple fidget toy, Choose the color you like to make your mood more pleasant!
    • Main functions: sensory toys, fat brain simply dimple, Asperger’s disease, and ADHD. You can press two buttons to make sounds to promote tactile stimulation, calmness, and concentration. Irresistible joy! cheap simple dimple
    • Material: Our simple dimple toys are made of non-toxic, non-polluting ABS plastic with a smooth surface. Soft rubber buttons, better joysticks and buttons, clear click sound and mute button, Silicone Handheld Mini Push Pop Bubble Baby Sensory Toys
    • Perfect gift: It is very suitable for daily play, and holiday gifts, and also very suitable for kindergarten projects, babies, toddler parties, family activities, and other occasions. simple dimple cheap, Trust me you will like it
    • Age Range: from ‎3 years and up
    SKU: LCGJ22005

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