• Gorenje Electric Oven, 46 L, 2900 W – BO935E10X-SA

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    • Multifunction oven- Featuring 6 cooking functions to exert your cooking skill and prepare more delicious food with our oven. This oven has a 89 L inner capacity. It is big enough and you can enjoy cooking for parties and family gatherings
    • Fas assisted oven- Being a Fan Oven gives you loads of advantages over conventional cooking. For instance you can cook on several shelves at once, the oven gets hot very quickly so you do not need ages to pre-heat and the heat is distributed evenly through-out the cavity
    • Next level cooking- Whether cakes, biscuits or pizza, the innovative heat distribution system inside the oven produces perfect results
    • Easy to clean- AquaClean function brings an efficient way of cleaning the oven cavity. All it takes is to pour half a litre of water into a baking tray and turn AquaClean on after each baking. In just 30 minutes, the results are visible. Stains and grease are softened and can be wiped away
      easily with a soft cloth
    • Ultra resistant, ultra smooth coating -Featuring SilverMatte which is highly resistant and strong coating material that can stand extreme heats, even pyrolytic cleaning at 500 °C. The triple coating of the interior supports heat reflection and provides additional insulation. Therefore, the oven interior always stays sterile and safe
    SKU: BO935E10X-SA

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