• Gemon Disinfectant Sprayer – Gmn ULV 50

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    • This portable electric sprayer flow rate can be adjusted, which can be adjusted according to the actual situation
    • The fixed valve can be adjusted up and down 60º, which is convenient and labor-saving
    • With air-tight, non-corrosive, and leak-proof with high-quality o-rings
    • And the even, adjustable spray is perfect for misting, soaking and all your needs and drains tank to the drop, leaving zero liquid in the bottle
    • The fogger has a 4.5L ultra-low capacity, a convenient and fast portable design
    • The funnel top opening allows for no-mess filling. Simply unscrew, fill up the bottle, and close the lid
    • Our sprayer can be used with water & nonviscous water-based or liquid-soluble products
    • The fogger could be used for homes, hotels, shopping malls, restaurants, family hospitals, schools, theaters, and other public places cars, trains, etc
    SKU: Gmn ULV 50

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