• AEG Built-In Gas Oven with Grill, 90cm – BGB901011M

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    • Variable oven functions allow you to adjust the heating profile according to the specific needs of the dish you are cooking. Use the fan for succulent roasted meats, the grill charring vegetables, or conventional heating for delicate, fluffy bakes.
    • A large oven capacity provides ample space for you to cook a range of dishes at the same time when entertaining. The gas heating system ensures that everything from succulent roasted joints to delicate pastries are cooked quickly and evenly.
    • The rotisserie turnspit is perfect for evenly roasting meats, turning automatically to deliver a crisp outside and delicious succulent middle.
    • The integrated timer helps you to plan your cooking when multi-tasking in the kitchen. Program the desired duration and your oven will automatically notify you when it’s time to check on your dishes.
    • Double-glazed door construction ensures that this oven is cool-to-the-touch on the outside, whilst the internal reflective glass sheet directs heat back into the oven where it belongs.
    SKU: BGB901011M

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