• Terim 60X60 Gas Cooker, 4 burners, Stainless Steel – TERGC66ST

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    • 4 Gas burners – 60X60 cm Full gas Cooker with 55 L Oven Capacity, 4 gas burners including a triple ring burner to suit all types of cooking. Burners spaced apart to give room and convenience so you don’t get your fingers burnt
    • Cast iron pan support – The gas hob has sturdy cast iron pan supports that are extremely durable and will provide ultimate stability for pots and pans of various shapes, sizes and weights
    • Self cleaning function – The oven features a catalytic/self-cleaning function with catalytic plates covered with a powder coating on the inside walls of the oven.  During this cleaning cycle, the oven is heated to 200ºC or higher to burn off and soften excess grease deposits. You can then simply wipe away any residue with some soapy water.
    • Digital timer – The Digital timer is fully programmable so you can set the time and tell the oven how long the food needs. The timer beeps to alert you when cooking time in up
    • Auto ignition – Naturally with such a modern Hob, you don’t want to be using matches and burning your fingers and thanks to Auto-Ignition you won’t have to! Simply twist the Rotary Controls and the Burner will Ignite

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