• Super General Floor Standing Air Conditioner 4 Ton, R410 – SGFS 48GE

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    • The Air-Conditioner Beat the heat and enjoy cool and fresh air all day long with the powerful and efficient SGFS48GE air-conditioner from Super General. Made from high-quality material, easy to operate and maintain. Thanks to its Gold-Fin Anti-corrosive condenser-coating it can withstand even extreme weather conditions. Compact and in modern design, ideal for extra large rooms, bedrooms, shops, restaurants or cafes. Comes in a white semi-glossy finish with signature brand logo on the front.
    • The Features Practical and Efficient. This 48,000 BTU air-conditioner is equipped with a full range of features designed to raise your level of comfort, especially during hot summer months. Thanks to the Auto-Restart Feature, the AC-Unit automatically restarts in the previously set mode after an unforeseen power outage. Perfect for cooling down lofts or extra large rooms within the Home, Office, Storage, Small Businesses. Refrigerant R410a and resistance class IP24 ensures all-round cooling.
    • Smart and Self-efficient Super General appliances stand for high-quality craftmanship. The SGFS48GE comes with Auto-defrosting, CFC free, sleep-mode, auto-restart and an easy to operate remote control. Thanks to reduced noise benefit of the compressor, the air-conditioner is very efficient and works well also after longer continuous usage. The refrigerant type R410a is commonly used, non-toxic, non-flammable, water-absorbing to a great extent and safe for domestic and industrial purposes.
    • Value for Money Simplicity at its best. With the help of the advanced Auto-Restart, Auto-Defrost, Sleep mode and other practical features, you can customize the settings in a way that lesser energy is used, saving money on utility bills. With its Gold-Fin “Anti-corrosive condenser-coating”, it can withstand even extreme weather conditions and shows a very long lifespan. 5 durable and sturdy rotating panels ensure all-round cooling, even in corners – 50 cm. Remote control for easy-operation.
    • Technical Specifications Silent and powerful 4 ton floor-standing air-conditioner. Finish: Semi-glossy. Color: White. Power supply: 380-415V, Frequency 50Hz. Gross Weight: 75.7 kg. Net Weight: 57.2 kg. Dimensions: 61 x 39 x 192.5 cm. Rated capacity: 48000 BTU. Cooling Capacity: 43000 BTU/h. Total input: 5350W. Annual energy consumption: 10700 Kwh. Refrigerant: R410a. Max power: 6900W. Outside resistance class: IP24. ESMA 1 Star Rating. Home-use and Commercial-use. One year warranty.
    SKU: SGFS 48GE

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    • Low noise level to assure no hassle
    • Auto restart to make the functioning trouble-free
    • Scroll floor standing structure for portability
    • Crafted from a premium quality material that ensures prolonged use
    • High cooling capacity and powerful motor that keeps the room cool and fresh at all times


    SKU: WAN-3622LHTH-1

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