• Daewoo Side By Side Refrigerator 490 Liters – DW-FRS-657SSI

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    • Powered by revolutionary cooling technology, this refrigerator has conversion modes to take care of all your refrigeration needs
    • Preserve the food in optimal conditions by maintaining a humidity level of up to 70% in the fridge
    • Enjoy greater energy efficiency, less noise, and long-lasting performance
    • Find ingredients more easily, and save space and money with LED lighting
    • It’s slimmer, brighter, and more energy-efficient than conventional lighting
    • It brilliantly illuminates every corner with a softer, more comfortable light, while creating more storage space and reducing electricity bills
    SKU: DW-FRS-657SSI
  • Daewoo Side By Side Refrigerator 532 Liters – DW-FRS-689SSI

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    • Easy storage vegetable box
    • Spacious frost-free freezer
    • Bright and Efficient LED lighting
    • Energy efficient and quiet motor
    • The Refrigerator with cutting edge technology, elegant design and superior performance for families of all sizes
    SKU: DW-FRS-689SSI

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