• Ariston Built In 60cm Electric Oven, Inox – FA5S844IXA

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    • Convenient Ariston Built In 60Cms Electric Oven with Programs Turbo Grill, Pizza, Defrost, Rising, Forced air Maxi cooking, grill, Bread
    • Multiflow Technology A cutting edge fan system with optimized rear panel for optimal distribution of heat flow inside the oven, without recirculation areas. The even circulation of air in all directions and electronic control guarantee extraordinary cooking on every shelf level.
    • Electronic temperature control The electronic control minimizes swings in temperature during the cooking process, ensuring constant heat and repeatable results every time.
    • Pyrolytic Cleaning A self cleaning feature that brings the oven up to very high temperature of approximately 470 DEGREES at which all the food residues are turned into ashes which can then be easily wiped away with only a damp sponge, and helps you keep your oven spick and span.
    • Gentle Steam Oven Triple the flavor, Healthier, Juicier, Crisper The Gentle Steam function pairs the power of steam with a conventional cooking method, to ensure the ideal humidity level and hot air for all your recipes.
    • Triple the flavour Triple the flavor with a steam touch. 3 Gentle Steam programmes for countless, exquisite and healthy recipes: Bread, Meat, Fish.
    SKU: FA5S844IXA
  • Bompani Built-In Electric Multifunction Oven, 60Cm, Electric Oven, Electric Grill, Stainless Steel – BO243ZYE

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    • Multi function oven with 6 functions
    • Low energy consumption: A Efficiency Class
    • Elegant STAINLESS STEEL aesthetics with GLASS
    • Minute minder to set the minutes of cooking
    • Selection of 6 cooking programmers for different needs: from conventional
      to fan-assisted, from special pizza function to grilling and defrosting
    • Wide temperature setting up to 250° so to bake cakes at low temperature
      or meat and pizza at high temperature
    • Comfortable and safe side racks for wire shelves and baking trays
    • Cold oven door thanks to triple glass oven door
    • Easiness of cleaning thanks to inner removable door glass and elegant
      easy-to-clean enameled cavity
    • 54 L oven cavity
    SKU: BO243ZYE
  • Electrolux Built In Electric Oven 60cm, Black – EOM5420AAX

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    • Anti-fingerprint stainless steel
    • Oven cavity with 2 baking levels
    • Meat Probe
    • Retractable knobs
    • Minute minder, Time
    • High gloss enamel oven lining, easy to clean
    • Easy to clean door
    • Cooling fan
    SKU: EOM5420AAX
  • Zanussi Built In Electric Oven 60 cm, Black – ZOHNX3X1A

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    • Single oven with extra-large 74-litre capacity- This oven has a 74 litre capacity, so you can fit even your largest dishes inside. That way, cooking for a crowd is almost as easy as cooking for one person
    • Keeping your oven clean just got a lot easier! No more awkward scrubbing! This oven’s interior door has removable glass panes for easy cleaning, and the pop-in and pop-out knobs leave a smooth, easy-to-wipe surface
    • Being a Fan Oven gives you loads of advantages over conventional cooking. For instance, it means you can cook on several shelves at once, the oven gets hot very quickly so you do not need ages to pre-heat and the heat is distributed evenly throughout the cavity
    • Make cooking a more enjoyable part of life with this multifunction oven. The multiplus oven with ring element offers the ideal cooking function for any recipe, and its even heat distribution system lets you cook on several levels at once.
    • A faster, more convenient way to grill and brown. The grill makes grilling and browning quick and easy. It’s the best way to brown your breakfast toast, grill kebabs and vegetables, and crisp up toppings

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