• Krypton 400W 1L Rice Cooker with Steamer Non-Stick Inner Pot, Silver – KNRC6055

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    • This pot features 3 different function namely cook, steam and keep warm. The steam function lets you cook rice healthily while preserving the nutrients. After cooking, you can also keep your food warm using ‘Keep Warm’ function
    • This rice cooker comes with the steamer function, which makes it different from all the other products. Steaming vegetables was never so easy with this multifunctional rice cooker
    • With 1L capacity it enables you to cook large amount of rice at a time, enough quantity for big family. Now you can make meals anytime. It is quick and efficient. The package includes a measuring cup and spoon, which add convenience when cooking and serving your rice
    • This rice cooker has a sturdy lid and a stainless steel rim that fixes it into place. It does not get smoky and lets you watch your rice as they are being cooked
    • The rice cooker assists you in preparing nutritious and tasty meals within a shorter span of time when compared to the regular gas stoves which require you to spend hours together cooking
    SKU: KNRC6055
  • NIKAI Rice Cooker 1 L 400 W, White – NR701A

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    • Features non-stick coated inner pot for easy cleaning
    • The product has cooked and automatically keep warm functions
    • Premium quality material ensures long-lasting durability and extensive usage
    • Features compact design which ensures optimum portability and storage
    • Profuse internal circuitry aids in preventing unforeseen concussions
    • Equally perfect for rice lovers or someone who cooks for the whole family. This rice cooker can be a great addition to a big family or a smaller one. It can cook several servings of rice thoroughly with ease. The plastic body is sturdy and elegant to suit all kitchens
    • Non-Stick Pot – the inner pot for cooking rice has a Teflon non-stick coating. This coating is non-stick, heat resistant, and has good electrical properties making it perfect for this electricity-based rice cooker. It has a 1 Ltr Capacity
    • Durable and Elegant – the rice cooker has an elegant and durable build. It will last you long and look good in your kitchen. The steamer pot is made with aluminum since it is lightweight and conducts heat properly to steam all your vegetables thoroughly
    SKU: NR701A
  • Saachi Rice Cooker 2.8L – NL-RC-5175

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    • 2.8 litre capacity
    • Steam function
    • Automatic keep-warm function
    • Aluminum alloy coated non-stick inner pot
    SKU: NL-RC-5175

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