• Bompani Built-In Electric Multifunction Oven, 60Cm, Electric Oven, Electric Grill, Stainless Steel – BO243CVE

    0 out of 5
    • Muti function
    • Push-pull knobs
    • Digital programmer start/ end cooking
    • 8 Functions (Defrost, Static, static+fan, lower element, lower element+fan, circular element+fan, grill, maxi grill+fan)
    • Triple glass cool door
    • Cooling Fan
    • Oven light
    • Cavity Volume 60L
    • With 1x wire Shelf
    • 2x Enamelled Trays
    • Side Chrome Racks
    • Max Oven Power 3200W
    SKU: BO243CVE
  • Bompani Built-In Electric Multifunction Oven, 60Cm, Electric Oven, Electric Grill, Stainless Steel – BO243ZYE

    0 out of 5
    • Multi function oven with 6 functions
    • Low energy consumption: A Efficiency Class
    • Elegant STAINLESS STEEL aesthetics with GLASS
    • Minute minder to set the minutes of cooking
    • Selection of 6 cooking programmers for different needs: from conventional
      to fan-assisted, from special pizza function to grilling and defrosting
    • Wide temperature setting up to 250° so to bake cakes at low temperature
      or meat and pizza at high temperature
    • Comfortable and safe side racks for wire shelves and baking trays
    • Cold oven door thanks to triple glass oven door
    • Easiness of cleaning thanks to inner removable door glass and elegant
      easy-to-clean enameled cavity
    • 54 L oven cavity
    SKU: BO243ZYE
  • Siemens Built in Electric Oven, 60 cm – HA010FBR1M

    0 out of 5
    • Siemens HG10LG050M is a built in multifunction gas oven with 60 Liters capacity .
    • It is equipped with high quality enamel baking tray which is super easy to clean.
    • Food turns out crispy with rotary spit grilling .
    • Also featuring Oven burner with Knob ignition ,Halogen interior lighting and cooling fam.
    • Oven with 3 heating methods Full-surface grill/broiler, Max Rotisserie, Gas bottom heating
    SKU: HA010FBR1M
  • Siemens Built in Electric Oven, 60 cm – HB134JES0M

    0 out of 5
    • It is built in multifunction oven with 66 Liters capacity.
    • It is equipped with Telescopic rail for easy and safe handling of trays and racks.
    • fastPreheat function allows to reach the desired temperature sooner.
    • Far less oven cleaning thanks to ecoClean Plus.
    • With soft Close oven door can be closed gently.
    • Also featuring Electronic clock, Halogen interior lighting, and Integral cooling fan.
    • Oven with 7 heating methods: Hot air, Top/bottom heat, hot air grilling, Pizza setting, Bottom heat, Hotair gentle, Full width variable grill.
    SKU: HB134JES0M
  • Siemens Built In Electric Oven, 60 cm – HB557JYS0M

    0 out of 5
    • Multifunction oven- Featuring 8 cooking functions to exert your cooking skill and prepare more delicious food with our oven.
    • This oven has a 66 L inner capacity.
    • It is big enough and you can enjoy cooking for parties and family gatherings
    • A clear advantage- The optional fastPreheat function heats the oven especially rapidly-without consuming more energy.
    • This allows you to cook the food properly and bake it to perfection
    • Fas assisted oven- Being a Fan Oven gives you loads of advantages over conventional cooking.
    • For instance you can cook on several shelves at once, the oven gets hot very quickly so you do not need ages to pre-heat and the heat is distributed evenly through-out the cavity
    • Effortless cleaning- With Siemens ecoClean, almost no cleaning is necessary.
    • Special coating on the rear wall automatically absorbs dirt,
    • It does so right from the start of roasting, grilling and baking leaving your oven sparkling clean
    • Next level cooking- Whether cakes, biscuits or pizza on one, two or three levels simultaneously,
    • The innovative heat distribution system inside the oven produces perfect results
    SKU: HB557JYS0M
  • Siemens Built In Electric Oven, 90 cm – VB011CBR0M

    0 out of 5
    SKU: VB011CBR0M
  • Whirlpool Built in Electric Oven, Inox – MXA K7F IX

    0 out of 5
    • Whirlpool built in electric oven
    • Energy class B
    • Cavity 101 L
    • Forced Air Fan Cooking
    • Turbo Fan
    • Grill 3250 W

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