• Ariston Built In 60cm Electric Oven, Inox – FA5S844IXA

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    • Convenient Ariston Built In 60Cms Electric Oven with Programs Turbo Grill, Pizza, Defrost, Rising, Forced air Maxi cooking, grill, Bread
    • Multiflow Technology A cutting edge fan system with optimized rear panel for optimal distribution of heat flow inside the oven, without recirculation areas. The even circulation of air in all directions and electronic control guarantee extraordinary cooking on every shelf level.
    • Electronic temperature control The electronic control minimizes swings in temperature during the cooking process, ensuring constant heat and repeatable results every time.
    • Pyrolytic Cleaning A self cleaning feature that brings the oven up to very high temperature of approximately 470 DEGREES at which all the food residues are turned into ashes which can then be easily wiped away with only a damp sponge, and helps you keep your oven spick and span.
    • Gentle Steam Oven Triple the flavor, Healthier, Juicier, Crisper The Gentle Steam function pairs the power of steam with a conventional cooking method, to ensure the ideal humidity level and hot air for all your recipes.
    • Triple the flavour Triple the flavor with a steam touch. 3 Gentle Steam programmes for countless, exquisite and healthy recipes: Bread, Meat, Fish.
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