• Akai 12kg Twin Tub Washing Machine – WMMA-X012TT

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    • Economical, lowest water and energy consumption, manual effort involved
    • Higher the spin speed, faster drying time
    • Suitable for a family of 5-6 people
    SKU: WMMA-X012TT
  • Akai 20kg Twin Tub Washing Machine – WMMA-X020TT

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    • Powerful Pulsator: It helps the clothes move to and fro, giving a scrub-like quality wash. The pulsator pulses the water through the clothes and hence the wash is gentle.
    • Rust Resistant: The Non-corrosive and rust-free body makes it extremely durable, even in a humid climate.
    • 20-Min Soak Function: It enables you to soak your garments before the wash cycle in a concentrated detergent solution to help loosen tough stains.
    • Sleek Design: Akai Twin Tub Washing Machine boasts a seamless(1015×600×1120mm) and sleek design, bringing elegance to your home.
    SKU: WMMA-X020TT

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