• AEG Dishwasher Build-In, Fully Integrated, 13PS, 50Hz – FSB42607Z

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    • Our AirDry technology lets you maximise your drying performance with natural airflow. The door automatically opens up 10cm when the cycle is complete. It dries your dishes naturally meaning spotless, cared for glasses every time.
    • The delay start function lets you load your dishwasher and program it to start at the time that suits your schedule.
    • You never have to wash your tall kitchenware by hand again. The height of the upper basket can be easily adjusted, giving you the flexibility to fit larger, bulkier items of any height with greater convenience.
    • Foldable FlexiShelves provide the perfect space for your delicate teacups and mugs. The shelves are slightly angled to prevent smaller items from slipping down to the upper rack.
    • By selecting the EcoProgram you can rest assured that your dishes will be cleaned using the lowest possible amount of energy and water for the load, without compromising on wash performance.
    SKU: FSB42607Z

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