• Nikai Electric Oven 120L – NT1201RCAX2

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    • Cook mouth-watering meals all in the comfort of your kitchen with this elegant and high-quality Nikai Oven.
    • A simple yet dynamic design, easy to fit in all types of kitchen interiors in a classy black colour.2700W Oven with a capacity of 120 Ltr, it has ample space to cook several servings and types of dishes with power requirements- AC 220-240V, 50/60Hz.
    • This convection oven has a fan and exhaust system that circulate hot air around the cavity of the oven, reducing hot and cool spots and helping dishes on every rack cook more evenly.
    • It has a keep-warm function that helps keep food warm while setting up for the meal, making it convenient for everyone.
    • Made in China, This oven comes with accessories which are Baking Tray, tray handle, wire rack, rotisserie fork, rotisserie handle.
    SKU: NT1201RCAX2

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