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It would help if you had three things to achieve the ideal Braun shave: a sharp blade, constant accuracy, and cleanliness. You’re sure to get razor bumps, cuts, irritation, or lingering stubble if any of these components are absent from your shaving procedure.

One of the most advanced shavers available, the Braun employs AutoSense Technologies to gauge the thickness of your hair and alter the motor’s strength to give you a tight shave in a single motion. You will only have to exert a little effort to achieve the desired shave rather than using harsh, repeated strokes that may damage your skin. The same is the case for Braun epilators and trimmers. The brand offers the best products for shaving. Let’s have a review of some of its items!

Braun UAE Series 7 Shaver

The Braun Series 7 7071cc boasts some innovative features, the most notable of which is the 360° Flex Head, even though the technique has been available for some time. The shaver may now travel in any direction, substituting the eight-directional shave head, enabling more excellent contour along the unique contours of the neck and face.

Additionally, the ergonomic design features a rubber grip handle for in-hand handling that is simple and precise. The fact that the trimmer is now an extension rather than being integrated into the shaver is the most significant distinction between the new Series 7 and the previous model. It gives you greater control and precision while trimming.

  • Life of Battery

The battery capacity of the shaver is 50 minutes, which is around three weeks’ worth of daily shaving use. The lengthy battery life is ideal for traveling, but you will never need to fear it expiring if you set it on the stand after each usage.

  • Feature of Self-Cleaning

It’s crucial to keep your grooming equipment clean, whether you want to use a modern electric shaver or a vintage single-blade safety razor.

The Braun Series 7 7071cc is a self-cleaning type. Therefore it’s simple to do that. A Clean and Charge holder and a Cleaning and Renew refill, which contains a solution designed to clean and lubricate the blades, are also included in the bundle, along with the little cleaning brushes for the trimmer.

The Clean and Charge unit offers a tidy spot to store your trimmer in conjunction with the sanitary advantages, so you don’t just leave it on your bathroom floor.

  • How Does it Feel to Use This Product?

The revolutionary 360° Flex Head trimmer, which adapts to the contours of your neck and face, is the most significant change in the design. Even in difficult-to-shave places like your jawline, using the 7071cc version is straightforward.

The Series 7 can be used for dry or wet shaving and is waterproof, enabling you to employ it in the showers or wash it down in the sink, which is something that not all shavers can do. Moreover, you can check online to find Braun price in Dubai.

Braun BT5265 Beard Trimmer

Recently, the brand updated the Braun Trimmer BT5050 and unveiled the more feature-rich Braun BT5265. However, even though the new Braun BT5265 trimmer has several upgrades, Braun cut the price of the new product. Let’s explain the information and examine the brand-new Braun BT5265 trimmer.

For more practical and faultless cuts than the older Braun BT5050 trimmer, the company incorporated harder blades in the new Braun BT5265 beard trimmer. Both versions use a dial-up wheel mechanism with changeable parameters for beard and length of hair. The Braun bt5265 features an 8x more potent battery pack than the Braun bt5050 trimmer, which is the cutest improvement in the new edition. The new trimmer has 39 trim length settings, unlike the old one’s 26 hair length options.

  • Accurate Trimming

The ability to trim longer lengths is one of the essential upgrades in the modern trend of trimmers. The Braun BT5265 has a built-in precise dial system that allows you to change the trimming length from 0.6mm to 20mm in stages of 0.5mm.

It indicates that the Braun BT5265 clipper offers 39 trimming lengths as opposed to the 25 provided by the Braun BT5050. With the Braun BT5265, you can get precise edge trimming and lengthening. Any stylish appearance can get created using two principles. The flexible trimming combs will provide you with all the freedom you need, regardless of whether you require designer stubble or want to cut your complete beard.

  • Washable

Braun BT5265 is entirely washable. Braun’s BT5050, which was an earlier model, was also washable.

Therefore, you may hold the trimmer under running tap water for simple cleaning. You don’t have to stress about water damage because it is waterproof.

Braun Silk-Epil 9 Epilator

Cordless, rechargeable and water-resistant describe the Braun Silk-Epil 9. It includes a small carrying pouch, a trimming cap to shorten hair without detaching it, and an electrical shaver adapter for when you need to chop the hair down to the skin. There are no attachments necessary to use the epilator.

You can remove even the tiniest bit of stubble as the hair grows with the epilator because it can remove hair as short as 0.5 millimeters. The Braun can get used at two speeds on dry skin or in water, and it has a “Smartlight” that immediately glows when the tool gets turned on to assist you in detecting the tiniest hairs.

  • What Makes the Braun Silk-Epil 9 so Appealing?

The effects linger for a few weeks and cause my thicker body’s hair to regrow in a finer, less visible manner. Additionally, the Braun can remove shorter and finer hairs that waxing typically leaves behind. I never get any cuts, significant irritants, or infections.

This Braun epilator makes no mess and needs no preparation. It’s an excellent method for removing unsightly body hair with little discomfort and long-lasting effects. It’s also far more portable than a can of shaving cream, making it ideal for travel.

Unlike temporary razor blades, which must preferably be replaced as frequently as every week, based on how often you shave, the epilator is reusable, cordless, and has a one-time fee. By the end of the year, 52 razors and perhaps hundreds of dollars would have got wasted.

Although epilation might be somewhat unpleasant, the benefits are worthwhile. The process pulls the hairs swiftly and uses several pincers to tug at once, which makes the slight sting feel less focused than when tweezing.

Conclusive Remarks

The Braun shaver Series 7 (7071cc) is a decent option if you prefer electric shavers and razors to more conventional multi-blade shavers. 

With the Braun BT5265 Beard Trimmer, you may achieve your preferred style, whether you prefer a fully clean shave or some facial hair that gets precisely clipped.

Anyone tired of all the commotion from other hair removal equipment should try the Braun Silk-Epil 9 Epilator. Compared to shaving, it removes undesirable body hair for a longer time and is hygienic, safe, and simple to use.

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