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To see if the newest line of single-serve blenders lives up to the hype, we evaluate them. The NutriBullet first emerged in TV infomercials, advertised as a miracle device that could turn common fruits and vegetables into superfoods. The user-friendly design and powerful blending performance of the NutriBullet have increased the popularity of personal blenders & Juicer. Nowadays, there are numerous identical products available from rival brands. In our most recent blender evaluations, we tested each to determine which one was the best.

What We Tested?

The Pro 1000, RX, Select 1200, Pro 1200, and Blender Combo 1200 were put to the test by our specialists. The NutriBullet Juicer NBJ07100 has also been tested to see how it performs.

Our evaluations look at how well a product blends or juices various components and how user-friendly it is. To assist you in choosing the ideal blender for you, we rate a variety of blenders for all price ranges.

What Does a NutriBullet Perform, and What are its Uses?

Typically used for smoothies, single-serve blenders like NutriBullets are available. However, they can also produce sauces, dipping, dressings, and cocktails.

NutriBullets use a cup that locks into the bottom to initiate the blender, as opposed to conventional blenders, which use a massive jug with a cover that rests on top of the base. More straightforward to use than more complex versions, basic models have just one speed and no buttons or controls. Drinking straight from the blender cup after your smoothie has blended will reduce the number of dishes cleaned.

Which NutriBullet Should You Purchase?

Our kitchen lab specialists examined the NutriBullet UAE Pro 1000, Pro 1200, Select 1200, RX, and Blender Combo 1200 for our blender evaluations. We quizzed them on each model’s functionality, distinguishing characteristics, and constraints.

  • Select 1200

With three speed options and a vent pitcher for mixing warm liquids, the Select 1200 is a step up in functionality from the Pro. For drinks and ice, it performed roughly similar to the Pro range, but on the kale test, it fared substantially worse than the Pro 1000.

The Select 1200 has directional buttons, which makes it easier to use than the entry-level NutriBullets. The extract mode combines pulses with frequent agitation to provide a smooth outcome. There are two-speed options in total. Along with the typical style, there is also an on-off switch, which is a little more practical.

  • Blender Combo 1200

With the option to choose between single-serve mugs and a larger capacity mixing jug, the Blender Combo 1200 provides you with the best of both worlds. In addition to a pulse feature, it features low, mid, and fast speeds. Additionally, the Nutribullet review shows that it features an option called “extraction,” which, according to the company, “will instantly mix, pulse, and perform the tasks to produce the ideal smoothie.”

Using extractor mode, it operated the best when crushing ice and in our tests of soft frozen and green smoothies. It was barely adequate for cutting carrots. Although it is highly noisy when operating at high speed, it works well for ease of use.

  • How Does the NutriBullet Juicer NBJ07100 Perform?

Featuring an excellent chute capacity and an easy-pour drink jug with a foam divider and cap, the centrifuge fast juicer from NutriBullet requires very little cutting of fruits and vegetables. It has two-speed settings and a pulse setting.

A lid on the juice spout prevents juice from spilling after processed and allows the juice jug to be placed immediately underneath the outflow. It’s a medium-sized juicer, so you might need to clean the liquid pitcher and inner pulp jar throughout preparation if you’re juicing massive amounts.

  • 1200-Watt NutriBullet Pro

Both the Pro 1000 and Pro 1200 models are three-cup, single-speed blenders. Both types can be crushing and puréeing ice and frozen fruit, but they cannot mill dry materials. Interestingly, although the 1000-watt version is somewhat more potent than the 1200-watt variant, the 1200-watt version doesn’t function any better. The Pro 1200 type is also too loud and heavier than the Pro 1000.

  • Blender RX

The NutriBullet RX is a larger version of the original NutriBullet with an additional soup jug included for use with its “souperblast” mode, which has a 7-minute warming cycle for hot soups.

It looked impressive when creating a green smoothie, mixing soft foods, smashing ice, and preparing raw vegetable soup. Additionally, it worked excellently to mill almonds and chop parmesan and carrots. In our kale test, it did only ok, and while creating nut butter, it did terribly. When utilizing the high-speed option, it is also extremely noisy.

Should You Buy NutriBullet Or Not

Our tests found that NutriBullets make tasty shakes and handle frozen and fresh fruit and veggies like celery, cucumbers, and leafy spinach. For some people, these features make the price tag reasonable.

However, according to our experts, the Pro 1200, Select 1200, and Combo 1200 had trouble processing chunkier veggies, and all models—aside from the Combo 1200, which excelled—performed poorly in the ice-crushing test. Some consumers might be hesitant to spend their hard-earned cash after seeing these results.

Can a NutriBullet be Used to Make Juice?

Unless you possess the NutriBullet Juicer NBJ07100, no; although NutriBullet blenders operate considerably differently from juicers, they are commonly related. The whole fruit or vegetable becomes liquified in a NutriBullet blender UAE instead of a juicer, which only takes the liquid from the produce and tosses the pulp.

Is a NutriBullet Capable of Blending Hot Liquids?

In most cases, it’s advisable to refrain from it. Although preparing soup in your NutriBullet could be appealing, most versions can’t handle hot liquids. Because the cups get sealed, the heat and pressure cannot escape, perhaps forcing the hot drink to erupt out of the mixer and seriously injuring someone. The vent pitcher on the NutriBullet Select 1200 and RX makes it possible for them to process hot meals like soup.

Wrapping Up!

Most single-serve blenders are generally almost as loud as their full-sized counterparts, contrary to what you may expect from a smaller blender. Nutribullet price in Dubai for each model is also mentioned above. Also, the firm advises changing the blades every six months. NutriBullets also have a one-year warranty.

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