• OMS 5Pcs Belly Body Non Stick Cook- 3106RED

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    • 5 Pieces Belly Body cookware set with glass lids.
    • 2.8mm Granite non-stick coating.Durable to high temperatures.
    • Energy-efficient thick bottom base.
    • Heat resistant handles.
    • It is compatible with Electric, Gas & Halogen cooking hobs.
    • Its large-sized pots and pans allows you to cook large quantities of food all at once.
    • The Tempered glass lids allow you to keep track of all your favorite soups and foods as they simmer, and the lid knobs prevent your hand from getting burnt while removing the lids.
    • Any kind of utensils without sharp edges can be used with this cookware set.
    • It can be cleaned with Sponge & dishwashing Liquid.
    • It is consist of 2 different sizes of Casseroles, 2 Covers & 1 Frying Pan.
    SKU: 3106RED
  • OMS 7Pcs Multi Cooker Set – 3224-RED

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    • Oms 3224 is 7 sets multi-cooker set made in turkey.
    • Thick base to provide economic cooking.
    • Due to the unique surfaces of the pieces they are ready for cooking or baking with less oil for a tasty meal.
    • Features 4-layer internal ergonomic and decorative heat-resistant handles with a magnetic lock.granite non-stick surface.
    SKU: 3224-RED
  • OMS 9Pcs Granite Set Non-Stick – 3012-PINK

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    • 1xCasserole Pot(20 cm) With Lid
    • 1xCasserole Pot(24 cm) With Lid
    • 1xCasserole Pot(28 cm) With Lid
    • 1xLow Casserole Pot(26 cm) With Lid
    • 1xFrying Pan(26 cm)
    SKU: 3012-PINK

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