• Hitachi 14kg Semi Automatic Top Load Washing Machine – PS1405SJ3CGXWH

    0 out of 5
    • Powerful: Large blades generate strong water flow of different strengths offering efficient cleaning
    • Easy use: Top loading door lets you insert clothes easily
    • Smart: Air jet dry technology creates a high-speed vortex to evaporate moisture efficiently
  • Hitachi 1600w Canister Vacuum Cleaner, Wine Red- CVW160024CBSWR

    0 out of 5
    • Hygienically ejects the dirt with just the push of a button
    • Sturdy construction ensures prolonged use even after regular use
    • Excellent performance for sand dust collection
    • Large wheels assure light, smooth movement
    SKU: CVW160024CBSWR
  • Hitachi 18L Drum Vacuum Cleaner 2100W – CV950F

    0 out of 5
    • Lightweight Design: large wheels and long cord for easy manoeuvring
    • High-Efficiency Design: The application of fluid Analysis techniques generates high power
    • High Capacity: Dust tank to accumulate a large number of dust particles
    • Powerful Airflow: Blows away sand and light dust particles

    SKU: CV950F
  • Hitachi 21L Vacuum Cleaner 2200W, Red – CV960F

    0 out of 5

    Lightweight Design: large wheels and long cord for easy manoeuvring
    High-Efficiency Design: The application of fluid Analysis techniques generates high power
    High Capacity: Dust tank to accumulate a large number of dust particles
    Powerful Airflow: Blows away sand and light dust particles

    SKU: CV960F
  • Hitachi 330L Top Mount Refrigerator, Silver – RH330PUK7KBSL

    0 out of 5
    • INVERTER Control
    • Dual Sensing Control (Eco Thermo-Sensor)
    • LED Light, Vegetable Compartment
    • Nano Titanium Filter
    • Tempered Glass Shelves
    • Hitachi refrigerators have two Eco Thermo-Sensors, one in the freezer compartment and the other in the refrigerator compartment. The sensors detect any temperature changes separately to enable the ideal temperatures to be maintained in each of the compartments at all times
    • Select Lever lets you adjust the inside temperature by switching between the two modes
  • Hitachi 410L Bottom Freezer Refrigerator, Black – RBG410PUK6GBK

    0 out of 5
    • Quick Access: The fridge compartment is located at the top which is a convenient height for usage. Just open the door and you can see and access everything stored in planning menus ahead of time.
    • Hitachi Inverter X Dual Fan Cooling: Compact but high power inverter compressor capable of providing exceptionally powerful cooling by generating a large volume of chilled air, while adjusting cooling power.
    • Fresh Select: The select levers let you adjust the temperature in each compartment by switching between the Vegetable and Dairy/Meat modes to match your lifestyle.
    • Super Energy Saving: Controlling how much and to which compartment chilled air is delivered, it assures no wasted energy acquired world top class energy saving ratings.
  • Hitachi 7kg Semi Automatic Twin Tub Washing Machine – PS999EJ3CGXWH

    0 out of 5
    • 7KG 2-Way Wash Action
    • Air Jet Dry
    • Soak Timer: 20 mins
    • Spin Dry Timer: 07 mins
    • Spin Speed (rpm) : 1430
    • Collars & Cuff Washboard
  • HITACHI 820L Top Mount Refrigerator, Brilliant Silver – RV820PUK1KBSL

    0 out of 5
    • Equipped with glass shelves which let you keep your food fresh for a longer time efficiently
    • Features a quick freezing function that makes ice in minimal time
    • Lends a built-in inverter control to protect it from short circuits and voltage fluctuations
    • The Nano Titanium filter uses minute particles to firmly catch bacteria and odours
    • Powerful cooling ensures all-around airflow to remote areas as well
  • Hitachi Top Mount Refrigerator 367 Liters – RVX500PUK9KBSL

    0 out of 5

    Hitachi 367 Ltr with Energy saving Inverter and New Premium Glass Finish Design
    A selectable zone can be converted into various modes optimal for ice cream, meat, fish, dairy, and more.
    Soft Freeze – Allows you to cut and cook the amount you require. | No effort requirement of pre-subdividing | Cook the right way
    Powerful Deodorization – The new triple power filters effectively remove odour
    Free Delivery & Installation (Except Sundays, Holidays) T&C Apply
    Powerful Cooling at 60˚C: High power from the inverter compressor generates a large volume of chilled air, and Dual Fan Cooling delivers all of this to the compartments for powerful cooling. So even if the ambient temperature reaches as high as 60˚C, ins
    powerful Deodorization: Triple Power Filter removes odor components* 1 and removes bacteria attached to the filter 99%*

  • Hitachi Twin Tub Top Load Washing Machine 10.5Kg, White – PS1100KJ3CGXWH

    0 out of 5
    • Air Jet Dry with Nano Titanium
    • Super Fast Spin Dry Speed 1450 rpm
    • Wash Action Selection (Soft/Normal)
    • Plastic Spin Tub
    • Dust Cover
    • Liquid Balancer
    • Soak Timer
  • Hitachi Water Dispenser, Bottom Loading, Black – HWD-B30000

    0 out of 5
    • Bottom loading design
    • Empty bottle indicator
    • 3 buttons for hot, cold, and normal water
    • Child lock button
    • High-efficiency compressor cooling (R134a)
    SKU: HWDB30000

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