Vestel Refrigerator 850 Liters ION Top Mount Model – NF684X


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  • No Frost Multi Flow Cooling System
  • Full Automatic Defrost System
  • Interior Led Bulb Lighting
  • Maxi fresh Preserver
  • Natural Ion Tech

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Vestel NF684X A++ ION Top Mount Refrigerator 850L

Vestel NF684X | Top Mount Refrigerator

Automatic Temperature Control

Although you think that it is often enough to bring your refrigerator to a certain cold level, this situation is not as simple as it seems. The constantly changing temperature in your refrigerator can cause some of your foods to deteriorate faster and lose their flavor. Moreover, since the compressors are running all the time, causing excessive energy consumption, the cost of the bill is also included in this problem. Thanks to the automatic temperature control of your Vestel refrigerator; By measuring the indoor temperatures instantly, it will be able to adjust the temperature by itself according to the needs of the indoor environment, so it will be possible to save energy while your food is preserved in a safer and healthier way.

Vestel NF684X | Top Mount Refrigerator

Fresh Air Technology

Refrigerators, no matter how low the temperature, can shorten the lifespan of foods because they contain dozens of foods together and in a closed environment. Moreover, due to the circulation of the same air source in both the refrigerator and freezer compartments, the taste and smell of your food also change. This situation, which is valid for your current refrigerator, is a thing of the past with Vestel’s fresh air technology! Refrigerators with fresh air technology create two independent air cycles in both the freezer and the cooler thanks to the dual cooling system. Thus, while fresh air is constantly circulating in your refrigerator, the smell of your food does not mix. Thanks to the different air currents, the food stays fresh for a longer time in the refrigerator compartment, and there is no frost or frost in the freezer compartment.

Vestel NF684X | Top Mount Refrigerator

Versatile Cooling System

I’ve just gone culinary shopping and you’ve returned home with loads of food that appeals to your taste buds. So, what foods can you give up when placing them in the refrigerator? Of course, such a situation cannot be the case, right? However, your current refrigerator may not be able to distribute the cold evenly to all areas, especially when all shelves are full, due to air blowing from only one point. In this case, while the foods on certain shelves are preserved, those on other shelves begin to deteriorate immediately. The versatile cooling system in Vestel refrigerators allows air to be blown to each shelf separately, cooling every part of your refrigerator equally. Thus, your food stays as fresh as the first day, even when your refrigerator is full.

Vestel NF684X | Top Mount Refrigerator

Changeable Door Opening Direction

“My refrigerator is big, but my kitchen is also small. How will I save space in my kitchen?” If you are one of those who complain, we think that you have not met a Vestel refrigerator yet. With the “Changeable Door Opening Direction” feature of Vestel refrigerators, we eliminate the space problem in your kitchens! In addition to designs that will adapt to your kitchen, Vestel refrigerators that appeal to all tastes offer design ideas that will save space in the small kitchen instead of the concept of a small refrigerator. Thanks to the “Changeable Door Opening Direction” feature of your Vestel refrigerator, you can change the opening direction of your door to the right or left depending on the design and space situation of your kitchen, and you can easily apply the arrangements that best suit your habits.

Vestel NF684X | Top Mount Refrigerator


During a crowded family evening or a party at home, the greatest need for your drinks is, of course, ice. So much so that in the absence of ice, you have even witnessed your guests arguing among themselves. We would like to introduce you to the “Icematic” feature of Vestel refrigerators, which will save you from this trouble and witness rapid ice making. Vestel, the pride of domestic production with its technologies that make life easier, develops a cinematic feature that will save you from the trouble of ice on your crowded and special evenings. This feature, which allows you to get ice more easily and quickly by displacing the ice you have created in the freezer compartment with just a simple twisting motion, also helps you to collect ice in the ice container if desired.

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