Irak Plastik Fresh Box With 2 Compartments – LC-525

Irak Plastik

  • A food fresh box with two compartments is a specialized storage container designed to keep different types of food items separated and fresh.
  • It is typically made of food-grade plastic material and features two distinct compartments within a single container.
  • The fresh box is usually rectangular or square in shape, with a secure lid that seals each compartment individually.
  • This helps to prevent cross-contamination and maintain the freshness, flavor, and quality of the stored food items.
  • The lid may have airtight seals or locking mechanisms to ensure a tight closure, keeping the contents secure and preventing leaks or spills.

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A food fresh box with two compartments offers a practical solution for storing and transporting different types of food, while keeping them fresh and separate. Whether it’s for packing a balanced meal, storing leftovers, or organizing snacks, this container provides a convenient and organized way to maintain the freshness and separation of food items.

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Liter: 2

Dimensions: 24 x 17 x 7

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