• Black+Decker 16 Inch Box Fan – FB1620-B5

    0 out of 5
    • Size 16 inch
    • Fan Blade 5
    • Diameter 508mm
    • Type Box Fan
    • Adjustable Tilting Head
    • Safety Grill
    • 3 Speed Setting
    • For Maximum Environmental Comfort
    • Sturdy Base For Safety
    • Adjustable Angle Wind Blowing
    SKU: FB1620-B5
  • Crownline Electric Tower Fan, Grey – TF-218

    0 out of 5
    • 3 independently adjustable fan heads. Each fan head has multiple speed settings that can be digitally controlled.
    • Touch and remote control – You can use either the digital touch control panel or the remote control provided to adjust the fans settings to find your ideal level of breeze.
    • Oscillation function – The tower itself oscillates from left to right providing an even distribution of cool air around the room.
    • 3 breeze mode settings – normal, for a constant flow of breeze, natural, to replicate a sporadic outside breeze and a designated sleep mode.
    • 2 Speed settings – You can find the perfect level of breeze from each of the fan heads that will help you stay cool on those hot sticky summer days.
    SKU: TF-218
  • KDK Glass Mount Exhaust Fan (20cm,8in) – 20WUD

    0 out of 5
    • Installation: The fan is specifically designed for mounting onto a glass window pane. It typically comes with a bracket or frame that attaches securely to the glass surface, ensuring stability and proper sealing.
    • Ventilation Power: Glass mount exhaust fans are available in various sizes and airflow capacities to suit different room sizes and ventilation requirements. They are typically equipped with a powerful motor that can efficiently extract air from the room and expel it outside.
    • Air Direction: These fans are typically designed to pull air from inside the room and vent it to the outside. Some models may offer reversible airflow functionality, allowing them to be used for both exhaust and intake purposes.
    • Controls and Settings: Glass mount exhaust fans usually feature easy-to-use controls for adjusting the fan speed or activating additional functions, such as a timer or humidity sensor. These settings provide flexibility in controlling the fan’s operation according to specific needs.
    • Noise Level: Manufacturers strive to minimize noise levels, ensuring that the fan operates quietly while providing effective ventilation. However, the actual noise level can vary depending on the specific model and fan speed settings.
    • Energy Efficiency: Many glass-mount exhaust fans are designed to be energy-efficient, helping to reduce power consumption and overall energy costs. Look for fans with energy-saving features such as low power consumption or Energy Star certification.
    SKU: 20WUD
  • Khind Auto Fan 16″ – AF1603

    0 out of 5
    • 100 % Pure Copper Motor
    • 3 Speed Regulator Control
    • 3 Manual Adjustable Angles of 180/320/450 for a desirable position
    • Built-in- Safety Thermal Fuse for extra overload protection
    • The solid aluminum casting motor casing is designed for better heat dissipation
    • The 360 degrees rotation to bring all-round cooling
    SKU: AF1603
  • Khind Ceiling Fan – CF560A- Gold

    0 out of 5
    • 100 % Pure Copper Motor
    • Safety wire for extra protection
    • Built in- Safety Thermal Fuse for extra overload protection
    • Durable Double Condenser Ball Bearing Motor for extra smooth and silent operation
    • Corrosion Resistance Aluminium Blades for better air delivery
    • 5 Speed Electronics Regulator for variable speed operation
    • Stylish High-Grade Deco for a better look
    • 305 mm down rod
    SKU: CF560A- Gold
  • Khind Ceiling Fan – CF560E

    0 out of 5
    • 100 % Pure Copper Motor
    • Safety wire for extra protection
    • Built in- Safety Thermal Fuse for extra overload protection
    • Durable Double Condeser Ball Bearing Motor for extra smooth and silent operation
    • Corrosion Resistance Aluminium Blades for better air delivery
    • 5 Speed Electronics Regulator for varibale speed operation
    • Stylish High Grade Deco for better look
    • 305 mm down rod
    SKU: CF560E
  • Khind Ceiling Fan 14″ With Remote – KACF-1405

    0 out of 5
    • 14 Inch / 60 cm fan blade
    • 60×60 ceiling fan / air-circulating fan
    • 100 % pure copper motor
    • High grade plastic body
    • Built-in-safety thermal fuse for extra overload protection
    • 4 cool white LED lights
    • 3 speed selection option
    SKU: KACF-1405
  • Khind Exhaust Fan 8′ – EF8010

    0 out of 5
    • Pull cord for On and Off function
    • Waterproof apron and shockproof gasket
    • Durable and sustainable to strong wind shutter structure
    • High air volume
    • Air foil chip ensures reduced turbulence at rear edge
    • Low noise level
    • Water and dust resistant
    • Silicone and steel stator type
    • High quality rubber gasket guarantees high heat tolerance
    • Auto shutter
    SKU: EF8010
  • KHIND Pedestal Stand Fan, 2-in-1 Convertible cum Table Fan, 5 Leaf Blade, 3 Speed 16-Inch, Black – SF1663G

    0 out of 5
    • 100% Copper Motor for Durability
    • 2 in 1 Convertible Stand Fan – Stand Fan Cum Living Fan
    • 16″ AS Aerodynamically Balanced Blade
    • 5 Leaf Blade
    • Built-in Thermal Fuse
    • 3-Speed Push Button
    • Auto Oscillation Option
    • Adjustable Verticle Head
    • Child Finger safe GSO Standard Reinforced Safety Guard
    • Heavy Square base for Balance
    SKU: SF1663G
  • Khind Stand Fan 16″ – SF16J15R

    0 out of 5
    • Color: Silver
    • External Product ID Type: EAN13
    • Package weight in KGs: 3
    • Number of speeds: 3
    • External Product ID: 9557496033094
    • Fan Type: Tower Fans
    • Model Number: SF16J15
    • Power Source: Electric
    SKU: SF16J15R
  • Krypton 12” Box Fan With Copper Motor – KNF6115

    0 out of 5
    • POWERFUL COPPER MOTOR, SAFE DESIGN – with this powerful motor, you can enjoy the cool breeze of air, in hot summer, making it ideal for beds, tables, desks, and shelves. Elegant table fan with 3 cooling speed settings from whisper quiets up to turbo performance. It makes the desk fan extremely suitable for home and office use. With an enclosed design and high-quality fan guard, it makes sure to keep your kid’s fingers safe.
    • 3 SPEED SETTINGS, – Multifunctional Fan – Meet your cool needs with 3 level speeds, at a swing. Adjust the appropriate fan speed by rotating the speed knob repeatedly.
    • LOW NOISE – It provides a peaceful environment; you will not be troubled by the noise both in life & at work. It can be used when you are studying, sleeping & doing other such activities that require silence.
    • TIMER CONTROL – A timer function is embedded in the fan, which allows you to control the operational hours of the fan. The timer is available for 60 minutes. After running for the set duration, the fan will automatically get switched off.
    • 5 PLASTIC BLADES- Fits both Home and Office use. Comes with 5 plastic blades to give you desired level of air.
    SKU: KNF6115
  • Krypton 56 Inch Electrical Ceiling Fan with 3 Speed and 3 Blade, White – KNF6254

    0 out of 5
    • 3 wider blades that ensure a wider conical spread of breeze in all corners of the room
    • Motor: Super Turbo High speed motor produces a high-speed rotation and ensures better heat dissipation
    • The Durable Krypton Ceiling Fan is well-recognized for its modern, mechanical appeal
    • Designed for commercial applications or large residential spaces, the fan needs minimal assembly and includes a 3-speed wall control unit
    • This fan has a clean finish that blends well with most spaces
    • This fan features a high-quality, energy-efficient motor that creates a comfortable environment for any activity
    • The sturdy body of the fan lends it strength and durability to ensure that your fan lasts for a long time
    • Further, the polished surface adds corrosion-resistance and enhances the aesthetic appeal of the fan
    • The blades are enhanced with elegant trims that enhance the look of the fan
    • Its energy-efficient design accentuates the high performance of the fan
    • Operating at 220-240 Volts and 80Watts, the fan delivers optimal cooling with low power consumption
    SKU: KNF6254
  • Krypton 8 Inch Rechargeable Mini Table Fan, White and Pink – KNF222

    0 out of 5
    • 3 Speed Settings
    • Multipurpose Portable Fan
    • Micro USB Charging
    • 12v Solar DC Input
    • LED Night Light
    • 5 Plastic Blades
    SKU: KNF222
  • Krypton 8-Inch Table Fan – KNF6035

    0 out of 5
    • OSCILLATING – Our classic oscillating Desk fan provides 60 to 160-degree oscillation or can be locked in a non-oscillating position. And creates a continuous breeze and disperses it effectively to help you feel cooler. Choose between the swinging oscillating feature or a static position. The oscillating fan circulates the air, while the static mode delivers a continuous stream of airflow in one direction.
    • 2 SPEED SETTING – High-performance motor with three-speed settings: Low/High choose to depend on the airflow required. At the same time, it can also manually adjust the angle up and down. Effortless control panel – the speed controls are positioned right on the base of the unit, which means you, can easily adjust the fan speed to suit your needs.
    • 2 In 1 FEATURE – This fan conveniently converts from a clip-on fan to a tabletop fan so you can enjoy its features at your desk or from any other preferred angle in your space. Our table/clip fan line is perfect for your home, apartment, office, and anywhere you may need air movement. The clip fan is very light and convenient to carry; you can take it anywhere like indoor-outdoor camping trips home office etc.
    • ADJUSTABLE FAN HEAD – The Manual vertical tilt option of the fan head is for additional control of the airflow. And the Horizontal swing option of the fan head using a pull knob is to ensure airflow in different directions and for optimum comfort. Also, fan blades are protected by a mesh grill to add extra protection against the spinning blades.
    • 3 PP BLADES, RIBBED GRILLs – Fits both Home and Office use. It comes with 3 PP blades to give you the desired level of air. The grill is safe as it prevents the children’s and pets’ hands to get hurt.
    SKU: KNF6035
  • Krypton Box Fan, 10 Inch – KNF6025

    0 out of 5
    • High-performance 10” box fan with 3-speed controls and 60 minutes timer.
    • High-performance 45W motor for high-speed wind.
    • 5-leaf blades made from polypropylene material for strong wind.
    • Ribbed grills for good protection.
    • Powerful and silent oscillation.
    • Perfect for home and office use.
    • Power: 220-240V 50-60Hz 45W.
    SKU: KNF6025
  • Krypton Ceiling Fan Double Ball Bearing, Brown – KNF6385

    0 out of 5
    • Easy to install
    • Double ball bearings
    • Max speed: 290rpm
    • 3×3 capacitor-type regulator
    • AC: 220-240V 50/60 Hz 80W
    SKU: KNF6385
  • Krypton Mist Fan with Remote Control, 3.2L Water Tank, Black – KNF5430

    0 out of 5
    • Energy efficient with only 75W mist fan with 100% Copper motor and Heavy round base for stability
    • Adjustable mist volume; Oscillation and fit function; Timer setting: 30min-7h 30 min
    • Black body + transparent water tank; 3-Blade design with safety fan guard
    • 3 Speed Low Middle High; 3 Breeze modes Nature Normal Sleep
    • This fan is made of premium quality material & 100% copper motor, heavy round base for stability. Black body and transparent water tank so you can see the water level while filling the tank.
    • Humidifier and fan can be used independently or together. humidifier automatically switches off when water runs out. mist can be used for cooling, increasing the humidity, and removing dust
    • The 16-inch mist fan with unique 3 speed setting low, middle, high and, 3 breeze modes nature, normal, sleep to meet your different needs. it’s will be whisper-quiet at any speed, not only allow you to enjoy a peaceful sleeping but also won’t disturb people who are reading, typing, or doing some other quiet activity
    • The mist fan supports oscillation & tilt function so that it can be positioned in a way to fit your needs, it also comes with remote control, you can control the fan from a far-even on the bed, turn the fan off, lower the speed, oscillation, nature wind. keep you relax with the utmost comfort and enjoy cooling summer even far from the fan
    SKU: KNF5430
  • Krypton Multifunction Rechargeable Fan, White – KNF6266

    0 out of 5
    • Brushless motor and long life; Silent and energy saving
    • Rechargeable lithium battery; USB power, convenient
    • Can adjust the height 0.5-0.93m by freely
    • LED light
    • Input power supply: DC 5V 1A; Maximum power: 4W
    • Output voltage: 5-9V; Output current: 0.5-1A
    SKU: KNF6266
  • Krypton Rechargeable Mini Fan with Led Light, Light Green – KNF5405

    0 out of 5
    • 5-inch Mini fan
    • 6PCS 0.5W Bright LED Light
    • 3.7V 1800mAH Lithium Battery
    • With Charge and full charge indicator
    • With a Micro USB 5V input socket
    • Charge time 4-6 hrs
    SKU: KNF5405
  • Krypton Wall Mounted Remote Control Electric Cooling Fan, Black – KNF5242

    0 out of 5
    • Wall Mountable
    • Remotely Controlled Fan
    • Sleek Modern Design
    • Speed Settings
    • Timer Function
    • Powerful Motor
    SKU: KNF5242
  • Levoit 42 inch Tower Fan – LTF-F422-WUK

    0 out of 5
    • Cool Down Without Getting Up
    • Stress-Free Cleaning
    SKU: LTF-F422-WUK
  • Midea 2 In 1 Stand and Table Fan, Black – FS4019K

    0 out of 5
    • Complete a sense of coolness and comfort in your home.
    • SQD Motor: The housing of engine is made of steel plates so it is not easy to heat and durable.
    • ABS Plastic: Plastic design made of ABS material so it is stronger and does not fade easily.
    • Finger Protection: Cover the large, tighter fan blades so you can avoid pinching your fingers.
    SKU: FS4019K
  • Midea Rechargeable Stand Fan, White – FS4523MRD

    0 out of 5
    • Stand fan
    • Battery powered
    • Digital control
    • 2 Stages Brightness
    • 9 Speeds
    • Diameter 50cm
    • Power consumption 25W
    • Battery run time 2.5h to 11h
    SKU: FS4523MRD
  • Midea Stand Fan 16 Inch Stand Fan, Black – FS4015FR

    • Wider Room Coverage
    • Electric Power Source
    • 16-Inch 5-Blade Midea Stand
    • Adjustable Height
    • Oscillation Function
    • Tilting Angle Adjustable
    • 12-Speed Setting
    • Convenient Remote
    • LED Display
    • Quiet Mode
    • 7.5 Hours Timer
    • Remote control
    SKU: FS4015FR
  • Midea Tower Fan Grill – FZ10-18TR

    0 out of 5
    • Type Tower Fan
    • Multi-function Remote Control
    • Power Off Memory Function
    • 3 Speed Levels
    • 7 Hour Timer
    • Oscillation Function
    • Durable
    • Bladeless Fan
    SKU: FZ10-18TR
  • Nikai 16-Inch Pedestal Fan, 45W, 5 Blades , Black – NPF1631T

    0 out of 5
    • Decked with five blade that cut through air optimally for better circulation and cooling Smartly designed in three speeds for added convenience
    • Clocked with a powerful motor that which ensures an efficient performance Wide oscillation confers an all-around coolingDecked with five blade that cut through air optimally for better circulation and cooling Smartly designed in three speeds for added convenience
    • High performance copper motor and wide oscillation confers an all-around cooling and has 16″ pedestal fan with timer
    • Comes with aerodynamically designed blades and 3-speed options. Cools wide areas using automated oscillation function with coverage of 78 degree
    • Easy to operate with 3 angles of vertical tilting that can be adjusted with a single hand. Tested against international standards on multiple parameters for durability, safety
    • It has a metal body and grill for longer life it comes with a weighted base for extreme stability and an added benefit of adjustable height to fit in any irrespective of the size
    • The wide angle horizontal oscillation function of the fan swiftly and evenly distributes air throughout the whole capable of cooling a large area quickly
    SKU: NPF1631T
  • Nikai Box Fan with Timer, 12 Inch, Grey – NF755N2

    0 out of 5
    • High Performance Copper MotorSuper-Silent Circulation
    • 5 Leaf ‘Pp’ Blades60 Minutes Timer
    • Convenient and easy to use also the best product to give you a nice experience and also work on your kitchen needs
    • 60 Minutes Timer and 3 Speed uo control
    • Box Fan features a patented, isolated Weather-Shield motor for worry-free window use
    • You can use the button on the front to choose your preferred wind speed
    • Press once for the weak wind; press twice, the third, the natural wind, providing you more choices at different temperatures
    • If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our customer service
    SKU: NF755N2
  • Nikai Wall Mount Fan, 16 Inch with Remote, White – NWF1636RT

    0 out of 5
    • High Performance Copper Motor
    • Wide Angle Horizontal Oscillation
    • 5 Leaf “As” Transparent Blades
    • 7.5Hour Timer, 3 Speed: Low/Med/High
    • With its powder-coated guard, this wall fan stays protected and durable for a long time.
    • Tilt mechanism and smooth 90-degree oscillation make it run smoothly with minimal noise for your convenience.
    • Speed and oscillometer of this wall fan can be conveniently controlled with its cord. So, you just have to pull the cord to set the desired speed and airflow direction.
    SKU: NWF1636RT1
  • Nobel Rechargeable Mist Fan 16 inch Fan Blade, White – NF777MRC

    0 out of 5
    • Whisper quiet operation
    • Wide oscillation
    • Bright 4 stack LED light
    • 2-step LED switch
    • 12-15 hours of charging time
    SKU: NF777MRC
  • Nobel Stand Fan 16 Inch 3 Blades, Black – NF140

    0 out of 5
    • 90° Oscillation
    • Multi Speed Operation
    • Highly Efficient Blade
    • Air Vortex Technology
    • Elegant Grill Design
    • Dual Frequency
    • Easy To Use Speed Selector
    • Secured Grill Clips
    • 220-240V-50/60Hz
    SKU: NF140
  • Pak Ceiling Fan 56″ White – PCF-56

    0 out of 5
    • The ceiling fans are an imperative part of every home and are built to be energy efficient.
    • Add a sense of style and exuberance to your rooms and offices with our innovative and trendy designs.
    • With easy installation, our range of ceiling fans is a fit and forgetful proposition.
    • Available for the best price online, the latest fans for your roof come in different varieties.
    • It is time you upgrade your homes with the most trendy and unique designer fans.
    SKU: PCF-56
  • Pak Circomatic Standard Fan 18″, White – PCF18

    0 out of 5
    • 99.99% Copper Wire
    • Durable Strong Design
    • With Oscillation Device for Air Circulation
    • Energy-Efficient Durable Motor
    • Rustproof Strong Body
    • Noiseless Performance
    SKU: PCF18
  • Pak Exhaust Fan 10″ Window Type Sqaure – PWE-10

    0 out of 5
    • 99.99% Copper Wire
    • Durable Strong Design
    • Specially Designed for Mounting on Glass and Window
    • Manufactured According to International Standards
    • Energy Efficient Durable Motor
    • Plastic Body
    • Noiseless Performance
    SKU: PWE-10
  • PAK FAN Wall Fan 18 Inch Off White Made in Pakistan – PB-18″

    • Jerk Free Oscillation
    • 3 Speed Options and 90 Degree Horizontal Oscillation
    • Winding: 99.99% Pure Copper Wire
    • High Quality Paint for Superior Finishing
    • Aerodynamic Blades Design for better Air
    SKU: PB-18"
  • Pak Propeller Exhaust Fan 12″ – FA-12″

    0 out of 5
    • 99.99% Copper Wire
    • Durable Strong Design
    • Manufactured According to International Standards
    • Energy Efficient Durable Motor
    • Rustproof Strong Body
    • Noiseless Performance
    SKU: FA-12"
  • Panasonic Ceiling Fan 56″ White – F56XZ2

    0 out of 5
    • Safety design and high performing.
    • Fall prevention of blade adopted.
    • Cut-off safety screw equipped.
    • Permanently lubricated ball-bearing assembly.
    SKU: F56XZ2
  • Saachi Box Fan With 3 Speed Control, 12-Inch, Blue – NL-FN-1733B

    0 out of 5
    • Powerful motor
    • speed control knob
    • 5 PP plastic blades
    • 1 hour timer
    • Revolving front louver
    • Efficient cooling and quiet operation
    • Low electricity consumption
    • Safe and reliable
    • Easy to install and disassemble
    SKU: NL-FN-1733B
  • Saachi Stand Fan 16inch 45W, Black – NL-FN-1737R

    0 out of 5
    • Size: 16 inches
    • Powerful motor
    • 3-speed control knob with remote
    • 5 PP plastic blades
    • 7.5 hour timer
    • Adjustable height with wide angle oscillation
    • Efficient cooling and quiet operation
    • Low electricity consumption
    • Safe and reliable
    • Easy to install and disassemble
    • Motor protection against overheating
    SKU: NL-FN-1737R
  • Super Asia Exhaust Fan 12″ – SAVF-12HD

    0 out of 5
    • Best Air Throw Due to Specially Designed Blades
    • Noiseless Operation
    • Electrical Steel Sheet with 99.9% Pure Cooper Wire
    • Long Lasting Motor
    • Energy Efficient
    SKU: SAVF-12HD
  • Super Asia Exhaust Fan 18″ H.DutySAVF-18HD – SAVF-18HD

    0 out of 5
    • Strong shape, and it has a long service life
      Large air flow, low noise, spare electricity power, reverse for ventlation
      Utilizes CAD optimized design for blade, with high efficiency
      With front and back guard, suitable for special installation defend and requirement, safety
      Suitable for shool, hotel, home ect. for ventilation
    SKU: SAVF-18HD
  • Super Asia Exhaust Fan 9″ – SAVF-09HD

    0 out of 5
    • Best Air Throw Due to Specially Designed Blades
    • Noiseless Operation
    • Electrical Steel Sheet with 99.9% Pure Cooper Wire
    • Long Lasting Motor
    • Energy Efficient
    SKU: SAVF-09HD
  • Super Asia Speed Air 16 Inch Wall Fan, White – SAWJ16

    0 out of 5
    • 16 Inch Wall Fan
    • Metal Blades
    • Adjustable Angle
    • Quick Assembly
    • 50 W Power
    • 90 Degree Oscillation
    • 100% Copper Motor
    SKU: SAWJ16

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