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How To Install A Ductless Mini Split AC? Leave a comment

If you’re seeking an effective and adaptable cooling option for your house, a ductless mini split AC might be a terrific alternative. Unlike typical central air conditioning systems, ductless mini split AC units allow individual room temperature control and quick installation. 

In this post, we will take you through the process of installing a ductless mini split AC system step by step. By following these recommendations, you may enjoy a cool and pleasant living environment during those hot summer days.

Understanding Ductless Mini Split AC Systems

Before getting into the installation procedure, it’s necessary to grasp the fundamental components of a ductless mini split AC system. 

These systems consist of two primary units: the interior unit and the outside unit. The indoor unit is responsible for delivering cold air into the room, while the outside unit contains the compressor and condenser.

Selecting The Right Location For Split AC

Choosing the ideal position for your interior and outdoor units is vital for effective cooling. The indoor unit should be fixed on an outside wall, ideally in a central area inside the space. 

The outdoor unit should be positioned on a firm surface, such as a concrete pad, away from direct sunlight and impediments.

Preparing For Installation

Before commencing the installation procedure, collect all the essential equipment and supplies. 

You will normally require a drill, screwdrivers, a level, refrigerant lines, electrical cables, and mounting brackets. 

Additionally, check that you have received the proper permissions, if needed, and have studied the manufacturer’s instructions completely.

Installing The Indoor Unit

  • Mark the location for the indoor unit on the wall, ensuring it is level.
  • Drill a hole in the wall for the refrigerant lines, condensate drain, and electrical wiring.
  • Mount the indoor unit on the wall using the included brackets.
  • Connect the refrigerant lines, condensate drain, and electrical wiring according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Secure the indoor unit in place and check for any leaks or loose connections.

Mounting The Outdoor Unit

  • Select an ideal site for the outside unit, considering accessibility and optimum ventilation.
  • Install the outside device on a sturdy surface using the included mounting brackets.
  • Connect the refrigerant lines between the inside and outdoor units, providing optimum insulation.
  • Attach the condensate drain line to move water away from the unit.
  • Double-check all connections and verify the item is firmly placed.

Connecting The Refrigerant Lines

Run the refrigerant lines from the indoor to the outdoor unit via the hole drilled in the wall.

Connect the lines to the proper ports on both devices, following the manufacturer’s directions.

Insulate the refrigerant lines to reduce energy loss and condensation.

Electrical Wiring

Hire a skilled electrician to handle the electrical wiring, ensuring compliance with local standards and regulations.

Connect the electrical lines from the outside device to a dedicated circuit breaker.

Test the electrical connections and check that everything is operating appropriately.

Testing And Start-Up

  • Once the installation is complete, switch on the circuit breaker for the AC unit.
  • Set the appropriate temperature on the remote control and verify whether the interior unit begins blowing cool air.
  • Monitor the system for any strange sounds or failures.
  • Adjust the airflow and temperature settings to your taste.

Maintenance And Care

To maintain best performance and lifetime of your ductless mini split AC system, follow these maintenance tips:

  • Clean or replace the air filters periodically.
  • Keep the outside unit clear from trash and vegetation.
  • Schedule professional maintenance at least once a year.
  • Check for any refrigerant leaks or strange scents.
  • Inspect and clean the condensate drain frequently.


Installing a ductless mini split air conditioner system may give you accurate temperature control and energy efficiency. 

By following the step-by-step approach given in this article, you can successfully install a ductless mini split AC system and enjoy the comfort it gives to your house.

FAQs Can I install a ductless mini-split AC system myself?

While it is feasible to install a ductless mini split AC system yourself, it is suggested to engage a professional for safety and best performance.

How much does it cost to install a ductless mini split AC?

The cost of installation varies based on variables such as the size of the system, the intricacy of the installation, and area labour costs. It is advisable to seek quotations from trustworthy HVAC contractors.

Can I use a ductless mini split AC for heating as well?

Yes, many ductless mini split air conditioner systems also provide heating capabilities, making them appropriate for year-round usage.

What is the lifetime of a ductless mini split AC system?

With regular maintenance and care, a ductless split air conditioner system may last for 15 to 20 years.

How frequently should I clean the filters of a ductless mini split AC?

It is advised to clean or replace the filters every one to three months, depending on use and indoor air quality.

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