Split AC Installation Terms & Conditions

  • Standard Installation includes the following
    • Up to a 5-meter copper pipe with insulation is included
    • Standard wire is included in the AC packing box.
  • Additional AED 75 per meter charges will apply for extra pipe if required.
  • AED 75 will be charged for the Wall Bracket if required.
  • If the customer requests the use of specific materials, such as a specific cable type or pipe, it will be provided by the customer. This includes but is not limited to, specific cable types and specific pipes.
  • If the use of a Forklift, Heavy Lifting Equipment, Crane, or Generator is required, the customer will be responsible for providing them or bearing the associated charges.
  • Any plumbing work, interior work, masonry work, electrical work, or any other activity not within the scope of our installation services is not included.
  • Installation using old or used pipes is strongly discouraged. If the customer insists on using them, it will void the warranty for both the air conditioners and the installation.
  • The warranty does not cover any services or cleanliness-related matters.
  • An electrical point or socket should be readily available at the installation location. Our installation team will not perform any tasks related to electrical work.
  • The customer is responsible for ensuring the appropriate cooling capacity of the air conditioner according to the area. No claims can be made after the installation, except for technical faults.
  • Anything outside the scope of our installation services is not included.

Please note: The provided terms and conditions are subject to change and further clarification, if necessary.