• Kidzabi Musical Ukulele Guitar Toy 24 – FSD19003

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    • FOUR STRINGS UKULELE – Ukulele is fitted with nylon strings that are soft and smooth to touch causing no discomfort when used. This kid’s guitar sounds beautiful and crisp, allowing you to strum to your favorite tunes.
    • EASY MUSIC LEARNING TOY – With its cute pink appearance, this musical toy will help children learn and cultivate themselves with musical rhythm and melodies from an early age.
    • ADJUSTABLE STRINGS SOUNDS – By downloading a Tuner APP, you can adjust the sound of individual strings to the right tone of your song on this acoustic guitar
    • EXQUISITE DESIGN – This string guitar is designed exquisitely with attention to detail. The round soundhole vibrates the air inside when strings are pulled and creates beautiful tones. The chords bridge allows the strings to resonate within the guitar for a rich sound output
    • QUALITY MATERIALS – These kids play guitar with high-quality ABS material with nylon strings. Sleek and cute design that will appeal to children of all ages. This guitar toy is a must-have party artifact for all your social gatherings and events
    • Age Range: from 3 years+

    SKU: FSD19003

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